In these times of misinformation swirling around our heads, my message to voters is: "Vote with your heart. It will lead you to the right choice."

Before you vote, ask yourself this question: What would Jesus do (WWJD)? (Matthew 6:33)

The third debate just proved that we need better candidates for president than Trump and Biden.

Trump's opponent is not senile senior Biden but the negative media. If he walked across the Potomac, the media would say, "Trump can't swim!"

Everyday you can lift people up or put people down. Leaders lift people up. Losers put people down. Biden lifts others, Trump tramples them. Vote!

Rule of law? [Cartoonist Clay] Bennett, do you realize that all the riots and looting were done by Democrats in Democratic cities? Trump upholds the rule of law.

Here's the bottom line. In my mind Joe Biden is a good person, Donald Trump is not.

A vote for Biden will mean: confiscate your guns, higher taxes, no charter schools, can't keep your health plan and closing of gas companies.

I have the distinct pleasure of knowing I cancelled Donald Trump's vote.

Trump's problem is that his policies and leadership can create millions of jobs. Biden's supporters don't want jobs.

Accepting Trump's appalling personality in exchange for short-term benefits is a bad bargain. If good character succumbs to "the end justifies the means," the USA is doomed.

In 1918 when .3% of America's population died from the Spanish Flu, did the media blame Woodrow Wilson? Just wondering...

How can we be rounding the corner against COVID-19 when we have thousands of new cases and over 226,000 deaths?

Food trailers with fresh fruit and vegetables at reduced rates, placed in poor neighborhoods, go unused. Neighbors say they don't eat like that. Todd Gardenhire's correct.

Savannah Guthrie's interview with Trump was beyond disrespectful. Besides interrupting him repeatedly, she was extremely rude.

Trump exhibits narcissistic behavior, ridicules Dr. Fauci, rejects scientific data and is insane. Nice presidential choice.

"It's not what you know, but who you know." Hunter Biden gets help in Ukraine while Trump's kids, their spouses and squeezes get connections and perks, too.

The FBI has had the Hunter Biden laptop since Dec. 19. Once again, the government deep state protects one of its own.

If Gardenhire keeps digging his hole any deeper, neither his old, white head nor his campaign are going to be above the ground.

Election fatigue syndrome? Bless your heart! Not me, but then, I taught elementary school for 41 years.

I totally believe China and Russia have fewer COVID cases and deaths than the USA. Not.

If you believe that other countries are testing and accurately reporting virus results, I have a piece of land for sale, just for you.

Pope unofficially talks out of one side of his mouth endorsing homosexual civil unions but out of the official side, not. What's one to think?

Voting to keep the statue of Stewart at the courthouse tells me all I need to know about our county commission.

I hope Sheriff Hammond, a skeptic about wearing masks and who was hospitalized with COVID-19, gets well.

Okay, say a guy burns a bowl and plops on the couch to watch the Braves. How exactly does that threaten you?

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