I feel safer in Trump's America. I see what happens when Democrats are in charge. You can say what you want, but I see it.

Free speech no longer free. Truth no longer standard. Feelings rule over facts even if wrong. Bunch of spoiled brats ruining our cities. Dems approve.

About your article on whether we should stop teaching history: Let's go one more step and stop teaching reading. Then everyone can be a Democrat.

Let Joe speak. Without prompters, notes, ear support. We need to see if he can debate, speak for himself in a coherent, logical, reasonable manner.

I am a Democrat and support police, needed border security, punishment in prison for crimes. America is great. Trump is a mess. Vote Biden.

Joe Biden was in government a half century. His best four years were when Trump was president. Coincidence?

Let's put these racist rednecks who drive around with their Confederate flags back in their hole. Vote Blue in November.

The Democratic Party's 2020 platform is a wishlist of the past 20 years never achieved or attempted by Democrats.

Blaming Trump for Democrat rioters is like blaming Winston Churchill for the Luftwaffe in Battle of Britain.

Four nights of orchestrated messaging does not erase nearly four years of despicable speech and behavior. I grieve for my country.

Security is mandated at local level. Where are all riots being held? Democrat cities! Imagine that. President cannot interfere unless asked. Blame is local.

Politicians and politics: All parties; "poli" is many and "tics" are bloodsucking parasites.

Who would you prefer to be president of the USA — Pence or Harris? Consider this when you vote in November.

Stop socialism. Except Erlanger, TVA, EPB, UTC, the airport, fire departments ...

Can the government fix racism? Lord knows, billions have been spent trying to fix it. Nope. Same with crime, poverty. It's a heart matter.

Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer have more than 100 years in public office. Name one good thing each has accomplished. Can't do it? Neither can I.

We should not mistake the statement "Black lives matter" for "Black Lives Matter," the Marxist anti-American organization.

Trump is a "want-to-be dictator." Take it from this history teacher, "Watch out."

Kamala Harris is strong. She's angry. She's smart. Perhaps the Fidel Castro of the North, if she has the chance.

If you thought the RNC was dark, take off your blinders, see real people and real stories. Not Hollywood and politicians. Strikingly different. Thank heavens.

OK, with whom do you more identify: the Hollywood types at the DNC or the everyday types at the RNC?

Chattanooga has spent thousands of taxpayer dollars creating bike lanes all over the city, yet bikers still ride on the sidewalks. Give us our roads and parking spaces back.

There is a simple way to end the violent protests currently happening in many American cities. Have the police stop murdering Black people.

It's taken three months for Biden to condemn violence and riots. Can't imagine how long to respond to a virus. Approval down. Changing his tune.

Should we defund or abolish school crossing guards? After all, they represent authority figures and sometimes restrict our children's freedom of movement.

Conservation corps: Saw these wonderful young people working in our beautiful little park last couple of years. Thank you for great work and setting an excellent example.

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