Frats and sororities are most important in college. They're pretty dumb, also. Bar hopping, maskless. COVID-19 anyone?

How about this pilot program: Every Democrat pays more taxes for income redistribution. See how the nonworkers use your dollars. It will solve what?

Donald Trump did not change or "capture" the Republican Party. He revealed Republican voters for who they really are.

Is the real danger to the USA until December tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires or Democrats?

If Trump isn't re-elected, his life's mission will be finding ways to publicly destroy those he believes brought about his defeat. It won't be pretty.

Pelosi visits closed salon. De Blasio visits closed park. Mayors defund police, insisting on personal police security and violate their own mask mandates. All Democrats.

President Trump: The only person undermining your presidency is you. And you're doing a heck of a job.

I will have no problem with people voting Democrat, but don't complain when taxes go up, President Biden gets lost in a closet, etc.

Maybe Trump would read his daily briefs if they began with "Once upon a time."

Politically speaking, there's only one title that frightens me more than President Joe Biden: President Kamala Harris.

Lose the mask, drink some Clorox, vote by mail and again in person, and you'll be helping Make America Great Again.

If you don't want to wear a mask, stay home.

COVID-19 has taken little things. Handshake, hug, kiss on the cheek. But eliminating payroll tax could end Social Security by 2023. Stop the Don's power.

Ornithology must be a required class in Tennessee schools because when I'm driving, folks go out of their way to remind me of the state bird.

If you are really concerned about the survival of an unborn fetus, perhaps it's your moral obligation to adopt a child you can afford to raise whose mother cannot.

I understand the paper's subtle Trump-world pandering. However, continuously printing established right-wing lies ruins the rant. Facts matter to real journalists.

Without law and order, no lives are safe. "Red, yellow, brown, black and white, they are all previous in his sight."

Riots, vandalism, looting, murder, disrespect for others and the law; wildfires, storms, floods, drought. I believe maybe there is a message here. 2 Chronicles 7:13-14.

Slow Joe, in addition to looking like Joe Isuzu, changes his tune more than the riverboat ferryman in the movie "The Outlaw Josie Wales."

The only thing missing from Fox News spreading conspiracy theories and pure propaganda is Trump being hailed as "Glorious Leader."

Let's all be a bit grateful that we don't have the wildfire problems confronting so many others in the West. Let's be grateful. Please.

Whitwell, a parade for a man who made disgusting remarks about Kamala Harris? You should be ashamed. Great example for your children.

It took 19 days for a vendor in Red Bank to receive a check from North Chattanooga. USPS is hurting small local businesses.

If antifa folks try to deface the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, they should remember these vets didn't take basic training on Xbox.

One-month extension of mask mandate seems like a good idea, especially with school and sports resuming. We will get through this.

Bringing up Democratic Socialists' budget amendments for City Council again? How many times do you need to hear "no"?

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