QAnon signs should read I.Q.-None.

Vote in person, go to the polls. Don't let your vote get "lost."

As you read this, ask yourself if the harassment of a family having Sunday dinner is a legitimate "protest."

Nov. 11, 2017. Where was Donald Trump? And what was he doing? Veterans should know this answer.

No matter your beliefs or cause, please answer these questions: Whose lives do not matter? Would your mother agree? Well?

If you are old, sickly or just a scaredy cat, stay home. The rest of you, get back to work.

Our Democratic cities are not the only things going up in smoke because of violence and criminality. So is the mealy-mouthed Biden campaign.

If you are not voting for socialism or constitutional conservative government, do not vote. You are too ignorant. Fact.

What good does it do for us to vote when the Electoral College is the one that counts? Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but lost the election.

Notice that the letter writer touting Trump's records on many things did not mention 200,000 deaths that have occurred in the coronavirus pandemic.

C'mon, North Georgia, you're too smart to elect a far-right conspiracy fanatic to Congress.

Donald Trump has done exactly what Putin got him elected to do — split America down the middle. God help us.

Please smooth over new pavement joints on improved U.S. 27. All of us aren't driving manly trucks with big shocks on 'em.

You can be so deranged that you reject facts, make up rhetoric and believe it, even when your eyes and ears show you different. Antidote?

Spoiled, white, rich kids lead riots. Black police chiefs resign. More Blacks shooting Blacks. Destruction in major Dem cities. For what?

Chattanooga Times editorial: "Apparently we're all suckers." For once I agree. If you believe COVID reporting.

I must be a sucker and loser for serving in Vietnam, Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom over my 27 years in the U.S. Army.

Methinks the "tiger sighting" in Knoxville was a big joke. Well, it was pretty funny. A needed distraction.

Again I ask. How can my sewer bill be over six times my water bill?

Love it when the crews mow the grass along our freeways, but now motorists can see miles of trash previously hidden by the tall grass. Ugh.

Being on the government "Do Not Call" list feels more like a "They Don't Care, They're Gonna Call You Anyway" list.

We have two months to go until the presidential election. Please, Chattanooga mayoral candidates, pipe down right now. We can only handle so much.

Tennessee American Water Co. should cough up the reasons for the water main break. Silence is unacceptable; we don't care about your litigation. Own it.

The Sunday Rants are getting predictable. How about changing them up and making them a politics-free zone? Let us rant about other stuff.

I enjoy your newspaper except for Clay Bennett's disrespectful cartoons about our president. Enough is enough. So many other subjects out there to pick on...

Wow! Beautiful resurfacing of Jenkins Road from Standifer Gap to Shallowford Road. When will Graysville Road be done? It is in horrible condition and very highly traveled.

I'm worried about our next generation! They are too stupid to stay away from large crowds at parties and bars. Wake up!

The slogan we need to remember: All votes matter.

I must be getting old; I remember when football was just a game.

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