How disrespectful! A great American patriot, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was not yet cold when McConnell crowed about replacing her. Trump followed suit. Shame!

President Trump is constitutionally correct: Per Article II, section 2: "[The president, which he is currently] shall nominate ... Judges of the Supreme Court." Shall!

RBG was a supreme jurist, an exceptional human being, a wonderful role model. She is not a prophet or a god. Stop deifying her.

How can anyone blame President Trump for the 200,000 coronavirus deaths while supporting the more than 800,000 abortion deaths annually? Seems hypocritical to me.

We surpassed 200,000 COVID deaths. Vote for Trump and win a free chance to be number 300,000!

Justice system? Only God is real justice. Some people don't care. That's the bottom line.

Afrocentric racism is nevertheless, and by definition, still racism.

A democratic government that is "Of the People, By the People, and For the People" would seem socialistic to the Trumpians who would prefer a more dictatorial type of government.

Sometimes I don't like what Trump says, but I almost always like what he does.

Wake up, America! It's time we support our law enforcement. Without them, we will fast become a crime-infested, Third World country — like Chicago.

Thanks to Pastor Bo for factually and statistically (i.e., there is more Black-on-Black crime than any other), debunking TFP columnist David Cook's "white guilt" delirium.

Yes, people have the right to vote for whomever they choose, but all of the Trump haters should pack their bags and move to another country.

Interesting Sept. 12 commentary by Scott Martelle, "Trump for Nobel Prize. For what? Fiction?" He could have added credence to his thesis by mentioning past recipients: Obama and Arafat.

Right-side writer Larry Elder complains about Democratic name-calling. Seriously? Have you listened to the president, the Name Caller in Chief?

Absurdity: Politicians saying other politicians are "playing politics."

Think about this: By voting from home, you're helping to make a polling place just a little bit safer.

Georgia candidate Marjorie Greene assured supporters at a recent gun rally she could tell everything she thinks in a 20-minute speech. She can. With time to spare.

"Woke Democrats" aren't ruining the country; they can't. Mitch sits on every Democratic bill! Who does that leave? Country is ruined, true. Blame the ruling party.

Really? The TFP still needs to point out that Rhonda was the one in an 8-1 school board vote? 8-1 is old news. 9-0 would be newsworthy.

Rebuilding East Hamilton Elementary School includes $326,000 for landscaping? Seriously? Hope children enjoy it.

Mack Smith Road drivers: Yield means slow down, stop if necessary, wait for a safe gap, not fly through!!

Auto emission tests ended yet? Hmm, maybe another year or so.

After what seems like years, the huge bump on McCallie Avenue viaduct has been repaired! Thanks to whoever is responsible.

So glad the school system found money (again), this time to give teachers some extra days off.

Did all the newspaper proofreaders get laid off? Spell-checks, please. By the way: All human lives matter!

A "Look at What Didn't Happen This Week" in Sunday's Times Free Press: Bravo.

Why are Republicans picking on Clay Bennett? No one picks on conservative cartoonists! You read your cartoonists; I'll read Clay. He's way funnier!

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