Thank you Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer. On Easter, I was able to hug my granddaughter for the first time in more than a year.

A scanner and a uniformed armed guard at the Shallowford Road Wal-Mart exit door might have saved it from closing, leaving a food desert.

Complete nonsense: OK to vote without a photo ID but not to get a COVID shot, buy a beer or check out a library book.

When the government raises taxes on corporations, do you think it stops there? Of course not. You will eventually pay it, one way or another.

It would be more democratic if the state legislature let there be a referendum on carrying of firearms without a permit. A referendum would let sensible Tennesseans vote "no!"

Phony journalists: You sharpened your lie-counting skills to a razor's edge during the Trump administration, but you don't use that skill during the Biden years.

Why don't people vote in city elections? These elections affect all of us more than the swamp in D.C. As our president would say, "Come on, man."

What do Matt Gaetz, Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein have in common? They all dated underage women.

Leadership? Reagan gave PATCO deadline: Return to work or be fired. Union refused and thus fired. Biden owes teacher unions for support, thus no school.

In 2019, Kamala Harris ridiculed Trump's border handling, stating this would not happen under her watch. Mrs. Harris, your watch is failing miserably.

Truth is only spoken these days when it is useful. Otherwise, spin and emotion drive the news and public opinion. Research your token absolutes. Investigate.

Who's in charge at the border? If you believe anyone other than cartels, you live in dreamland. POTUS, show up at border. Do your job.

So long, Sear's Shoes. It was a great ride. We will miss you.

Have you noticed that every time the NRA says, "They're coming for your guns," they aren't? But gun sales skyrocket. Duped again.

Will Joe Biden demand that the PGA move The Masters from Augusta, Georgia? Did he read the new voting laws for the state or did he just go by all the false rumors about it?

Coke, Delta and MLB all caved to the "cancel culture." Conservatives should boycott your products. We will not be silenced. Stay out of politics.

So major corporations against democracy and the constitutional process are trying to be woke. I can be woke, too, with my spending choices. Just watch.

Biden administration finally allows two reporters into overcrowded border detention center and their report of overcrowded squalor is buried on page 6 without photos.

So glad to see the doormen were fired for not helping a Filipino woman brutally attacked in New York. Their behavior was inexcusable.

It takes more ID to board an airplane than to vote. No water in line at the airport. Much to do about nothing.

People were really upset when Tennessee instituted the lottery. Now there's online sports betting. Gambling addicts beware.

The Bible has been proposed — again — as the state book of Tennessee. What's next — legislative mandates to attend the Christian church of your choice?

Looking like the Chattanooga mayor's race will be tight. So I guess that means voters better vote. Tuesday is your day.

After a year of "sight-seeing" in 2020 tornado-damaged neighborhoods, "tourists" please stay away as we continue to rebuild.

Life's "peaks and valleys" are really just a matter of perspective. Life itself is a straight line.

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