I've lived through 15% mortgage rates and high inflation. Keep printing money, Democrats, and we'll be there again real soon. Stop the madness.

Turns out Matt Gaetz's arrogant jerk persona isn't an act.

False crises, numerous executive orders, mumbled explanations, real issues and facts ignored. States don't have to buy it. The smart ones won't.

President Biden, make Hallmark manufacture their cards in the U.S. and not in China.

Changing the words does not change the reality. Watch out for this.

Kamala put in charge of border crisis three weeks ago. Has she been there yet? Any word? Comments? What is she working on?

Immigrant children walk hundreds of miles by themselves to flee violence and poverty for a chance at a better life. Could American children do this?

If you wondered if Republicans are delusional, don't. The verdict is in. Recent polling shows most still believe the presidential election was stolen. Case closed.

How can supporting anything or anyone illegal be compassionate? I don't pay taxes to support such activity. Vote them out. They're buying votes.

Only in woke America can a felon become a victim and a hero, not serve time, go free. Guess it depends on who you know.

Sen. Hagerty went to Florida to let Trump know what he is doing in the Senate. Instead, he should come to Tennessee and tell us.

You all wanted permitless weapons. You all got it. Now we all must deal with the consequences.

When is it ever OK to loot and damage other people's property? Just because I am mad, can I take your stuff, burn your building?

Solution: If stopped by an officer, do exactly as the officer requests. If you don't agree with the result, don't resist, tell the judge. Problem solved.

Roy's Grill looks really cool. Servers not wearing masks? No thanks, I'll pass.

Do you think Native Americans, condemned to live on desolate "reservations" after their land was stolen, believe white people are superior? They obviously are not.

For Pete's sake, I have to show my ID to buy a bottle of wine. Now there's a stink because we need to show ID to vote.

Now that Georgia Republicans have made voting fraud-proof, who will they blame when they lose in 2022 elections?

Republicans demand business stay out of politics, so business leaders and special-interest groups must stop making contributions to the GOP and all Republican candidates.

Will someone please tell me how America is going to charge all electric vehicles? Solar, wind power are unreliable, and the grid cannot handle the extra demand that's coming.

Ever wonder if woke corporations in Georgia understand how much they insult their minority employees by implying they aren't capable of following basic voting laws?

So how many of you are getting great service for first-class mail? Sent a check out March 4, and it was received on April 5.

If someone would get rid of Draft King, Joe Namath, COVID-19, social distancing and mask wearing, I would be elated to watch TV again.

The depiction of a police badge as "judge, jury and executioner" to depict all police officers is a despicable cartoon by TFP's Clay Bennett.

It's our moral responsibility to dismantle and reimagine what is broken and protect Black lives when Black lives are so often taken.

Enough showing people getting their COVID shot. Many are afraid of needles to the point that they are anxious. Talk about how the shots will help us return to normal.

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