Thanks to political candidates for picking up campaign signs quickly. It's nice to see green grass again.

Convicting Derek Chauvin of murder was a low bar to overcome; we all saw that video. Now the real work begins. God bless George Floyd and his family.

More gun violence under this president, yet it is blamed on guns. Under previous president, it was always his fault, not the guns. This is politicization.

City shootings up but not so much due to gang activity, which is good, says outgoing Chattanooga mayor. What the heck? What spin.

Dems didn't like Repubs "packing" the Supreme Court. Change number of justices so that they can "pack" it. Forget "Trump '24." We need Republicans '22!

Be sure to tell your enemies when you will come and go, what your troops will do and where. It's called gentle, compassionate leadership. Ha.

It is America's fault we will be a Marxist/socialist nation. How utterly ignorant we have become.

A quote to remember by Calvin Coolidge: "Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery."

Columnist David Cook favorably opines about minorities, women and girls but has not about transgender athletes' participation in girls' sports. Why?

I believe immigration should be allowed but only after we take care of the homeless population. People living below poverty level here need help.

Vice President Harris knows the root cause of the chaos at the border is because the president opened it for everyone to "come on in."

The Democratic Party now controls the presidency and Congress, with only the Supreme Court keeping them from total control. Wake up, America.

So Marjorie Taylor Greene votes against a bill to benefit leukemia and other cancer patients. Against! Unreal. This woman has no soul.

Now, if you don't like someone or their ideas, you call them racist, supremacist and green supporter. Doesn't matter the topic or the facts.

Tennessee is run by Neanderthal politicians unable to understand laws they pass discriminate against their own constituents; therefore, Chattanooga deserves to lose NCAA tournaments.

President Trump's "Operation Warp Speed" successfully brought us safe and effective COVID vaccines in record time. So why are so many Republicans refusing to be inoculated?

In 100 days, we are now being challenged and at risk with China, Russia, our borders. Most unsecure times. What a legacy. Oh my.

Don't have children unless you are capable of supporting them for 16 years!

April 13, 2021, page B1, 5 items: one about a runoff election, four about shootings. Do Americans consider themselves living in a civilized country?

Which will happen first: Queen Elizabeth II will choose Piers Morgan to be her second husband or the ultra-liberal TFP becomes unbiased?

Derek Chauvin was George Floyd's judge, jury and executioner.

County property reappraisals mean the county is going to be awash in money. On top of gobs of federal COVID relief. Spending spree coming?

Fifty police officers shot, killed this year by armed criminals. What are we doing about that fact? Honestly, what are we doing about this?

Mayor Tim Kelly's administration looks a lot like ... his predecessor's. Change is hard but should it be this hard?

Riverwalk is being fouled by careless, irresponsible dog owners who refuse to pick up after their pets. Assume some responsibility!

We sincerely hope that Mayor Tim Kelly will include Graysville Road in his reallocating of $3.5 million to increase paving.

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