Definition of a selfish person : A person who won't get the COVID vaccine shot.

Saw these scary bumper stickers as I passed a political rally: "Trump/Lee," "Trump/DeSantis," "Trump/Cruz," "Trump/McCarthy."

Where is Kamala? Since her weekend hospital visit, she's not been seen. Easier to forget how unengaged she is. Laughable, if she were around.

Whatever happened to the "My Pillow" guy?

Who is going to raise all of these unaccompanied minors? We have children in orphanages now. Are Democrats adopting them all?

Attention BlueCross and Memorial: I am 79, have your insurance and been going to my doctor since 1987. Get your acts together; we seniors need you both.

Who is going to protest and march for the policewoman killed doing a traffic stop? By the way, it wasn't the gun's fault.

Tennessee Gov. Lee won't incentivize getting the COVID vaccine but gives half a million to vaccinate cows. So proud to be a Tennessean.

Biden's indecisiveness reminds me of a squirrel in the road. Oftentimes the result is not a good one.

"Just find me 11,780 votes" "just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me." Donald John. Denied. And the "steal" was stopped.

With the newest certified tax rate announcement by Hamilton County, we see it is living within its means. Now, how about Chattanooga and King Timothy?

Over 200,000 illegals entered last month. Where did they go? That's the size of a city. Why don't we have a border? Who's paying here?

And the people turned to one another and proclaimed, "Oh, God, we are the enemy."

I worked for three years after college, lived on a shoestring to pay back multiple school loans. What do all these free rides accomplish?

There's a war on between the citizens of Tennessee and the latest COVID outbreak. Unfortunately, Gov. Bill Lee and other Republicans keep taking the virus' side.

Ron Hart had a great line when he recently said, "Those who think government loves them also think a stripper does."

BlueCross BlueShield and CHI Memorial better learn to play nice with each other or we're going to be very upset.

City recycling drivers are paid $45,000 a year. Shouldn't Mayor Kelly's discerning "pothole inspector" be worth at least $60,000?

I am worried that unvaccinated people will cause another lockdown and I won't be able to visit in person with my granddaughter.

Four reasons to use your turn signals: 1) you're turning; 2) you are changing lanes; 3) respect for other drivers; 4) it's our law.

An 18% tax increase for Chattanoogans coming up. I support it if our streets get safer and roads are paved and repaired.

Don't bother sending "letters to the editor" to deter the dregs of society from throwing trash out their vehicles windows. They have average IQs of 60 and aren't capable of reading.

Mayor Kelly, when is the bridge on Standifer Gap (near Shallowford Road) going to be completed?

A correction on a recent front-page headline about "voters" removed from Georgia rolls. These people have not voted in five-plus years. They can hardly be called "voters."

If the TFP wants to cover Marjorie Taylor Green's fundraising antics, put her picture on comics page, not front page of Sunday paper.

I'll tell you what kind of person cartoonist Clay Bennett is: honest, talented. Read the other side of the editorial page if you're in denial.

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