Over the PA system at Biden-Mart: "Cleanup needed on aisle 2021. Big mess at Afghanistan, auto production, border, budget, China, COVID, employment, police and wildfires."

So Obama traded a Taliban terrorist prisoner for Bergdahl. Now that terrorist commands Kabul. Why swap five terrorists for one traitor? Democrats fail us again.

Marsha and Bill, it was President Trump who started our pullout from Afghanistan

Hey Joe ... think you accidentally left some of my tax dollars laying around somewhere in Afghanistan! Would you kindly go get them for me please?

9/11 takes on new meaning, thanks to Joe. And it's not good. Just solidified his place among Carter and Obama in major foreign blunders club.

I agree with a recent ranter who said you can't call someone a "voter" if they haven't voted in the last three elections. Voting is a right you have to exercise.

Every decision from the office leads to disaster, in every area. Maybe they should just do the opposite of what they think. Oh, that's Trump.

If "woke" means being alert to injustice and racism, then I am proud to be a "woke," 72-year-old white male.

How can you call it an infrastructure bill when only 23% of the money will be allocated to roads and bridges? Where will the remaining 77% funding be funneled?

President Biden is asking OPEC to produce more oil to lower fuel prices. You want lower fuel prices? Return to former President Trump's policies.

Somebody, please pull the plug on the ATM machine in the White House. $2.6 trillion in six months.

If Trump had orchestrated this disastrous Afghanistan exit, Pelosi would have impeachment proceedings underway by now. However, Dems don't hold their own accountable.

U.S. leads the world in new infections. We are the only nation that can fully vaccinate our entire adult population. Are we the world's stupidest country?

Why are Tennessee Republican legislators still worried about migrant children and not COVID?

Stop calling radical right organizations like One America and Newsmax "conservative." There's nothing conservative about spreading lies, anti-vaccination misinformation and trying to overturn an election.

Mask-wearing in indoor public spaces is such a burden. Next thing you know, they'll require us to put on clothes.

Hypocrisy: The government can tell a women what to do with her body (pro-life) but not to wear a mask to protect your neighbors (anti-mask).

Why do others wearing masks amuse you? Be thankful they are more considerate of you than you are of them.

Property values go up. Local government taxes property. Taxes go up. Get over it.

District Attorney General Neil Pinkston should resign immediately for our lack of confidence in him.

BlueCross full-page ad offering to help with physical and mental health. Stop playing Russian roulette with Memorial Hospital. That would help mental health.

Smaller lots mean more concrete, blacktop and asphalt shingles, less grass, fewer shade trees, climate change, hotter Chattanooga. Thank you, developers!

Where do I apply for position of pothole inspector in Mayor Tim Kelly's budget? Didn't he promise to personally fill in his campaign commitments?

Downtown Selfie Museum? Great business idea but sad commentary on millennial generation's incessant obsession with posting images of themselves on social media.

Clay Bennett was right last Sunday when he said we bailed on Afghanistan (pilot parachuting ) and the plane (Afghanistan) crashing and burning.

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