If garbage truck drivers start at $45,000, then teachers should make $100,000-plus. Team, this ain't gonna work.

How would the media have reacted if Trump had been at Mar-a-Lago during the final planning and withdrawal from Afghanistan?

Who in their right mind would unilaterally pull our troops out of Afghanistan before getting all civilians out?

So Biden, in violation of the sworn-to Constitution, wants to take away our guns but as commander in chief gives the Taliban our Black Hawks?

What's the difference between Mexican vs. Afghanistan refugees? Politics? They both are asking for financial support to escape from horrible atrocities in their countries.

If you think there have been outrageous and taxpayer-borne infrastructure cost overruns in the past, just wait until Biden's inflationary economic plans become reality.

China runs our commerce now. America is beholden to it more every day, to our peril. It's America the hoodwinked.

"Jeopardy" host forced to quit over "insensitive" comments from years ago, yet we elected a president in 2016 who routinely mocked the disabled or disparaged people for fun?

Democrats don't keep us safe overseas, don't keep us safe at our borders and don't keep us safe on our streets. Look at it.

For those of you who conveniently forgot, it was a Republican president who initially put the U.S. in both Vietnam (Eisenhower) and Afghanistan (George W. Bush).

Concerned about your children's education? Encourage them to read — anything of interest to them. Then set a good example by doing so yourself. It works.

Now available: Authentic Mo Brooks insurrection body armor, just like he wore to Washington on Jan. 6. You will be the envy of rioters everywhere.

Anti-vaxxers won't do the "Hokey-Pokey" if they have to "put one arm in."

To the people who encourage others to not get vaccinated or wear masks: Do you expect sympathy when you have to bury a loved one COVID killed?

Democrat lawmakers are sophisticated and not required to wear masks at elite gatherings. They are exempt. You are not. They are important. You are not.

Sell your soul to the government for more entitlements, free education, no rent, more food stamps. You've lost your freedom. You don't even know it.

If you don't know the answer, just laugh. That's what the current administration does. Not what you want or expect from your leaders. Vote them out.

So Taliban draws red line of evacuation date. How prime. They know our president doesn't keep red lines. How weak we are. Just watch.

Paused during COVID: student loans, IRS filing, rents, bus fares, emissions tests, etc. Not paused: property reassessments. Will hurt many, especially seniors.

Signal Mountain doesn't need to raise taxes if it can spend $1.4 million on a softball field.

Thanks, Gov. Lee, for overreach to undercut local school boards. A mandatory opt-out option is a mask mandate ban, just a cowardly way of doing it.

Don't stop with masks. Allow parents to "opt out" of having their kids wear football/batting helmets, shin guards, athletic shoes/cleats, seat belts.

Again, our local leaders cave to wealthy developers (lot sizes). Surprised they didn't throw in a few million in tax breaks for good measure.

Please, if you are a walker downtown, dispose of trash and bagged dog waste in trash cans. They are on every corner.

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