As gasoline prices continue to drop, a question arises. Where is the Republican praise for Joe Biden? When gas prices went up, they blamed him.

Biden's Build Back Better plan should be buried. Too many pay-for gimmicks to be credible. Kill it.

A Democratic congressman has proposed a bill to make Jan. 6 "Democracy Day" so we will remember what we almost lost that day.

It's exactly the opposite, Mr. Trimble, local head of the county Republican Party. Nothing about the school board is political until you try to make it so.

President Biden, sanctions alone won't save Ukraine.

Again: Democracy=governing system (examples — monarchy, dictatorship); socialism=economic system — everyone shares costs, i.e., military, infrastructure, policing, courts. Debate how much socialism, not whether to have.

Survey sez: Young Democrats want nothing to do with young Republicans. So much for unity and the marriage rate.

Biden's social programs bill will add $1.5 trillion to the deficit over 10 years. This bothers Republicans. But Trump's tax cut adds $1 to 2 trillion every year.

Fox News is having a hissy fit about the Christmas tree someone set afire outside its building but is completely OK with what happened on Jan. 6.

More and more, I become concerned about the idiots carrying guns with no morals or training. Need training, testing and insurance to drive but can walk in and buy a gun.

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk: Split the difference and pay to get the kidnapped missionaries in Haiti released.

So Marsha Blackburn thinks those of us who want to stay alive and out of the hospital by everyone getting vaccinated are radical left-wingers.

I figured out why natural immunity has been pretty much ignored by Fauci and the CDC. There is no money to be made in it.

Health care workers who won't get the vaccine to protect their patients should not be in the health care field.

Dr. Fauci, I am ready to get a yearly COVID booster shot if I need to.

Tennessee legislators are again worried about immigrant children (no education for them). Remember, COVID is killing people and immigrant children aren't.

Walkers on the Tennessee Riverwalk take their lives into their hands. The bicyclists whizzing by are rude and ride like they own the riverwalk.

UTC Chancellor Steven Angle has emailed out holiday greetings, but I haven't heard him comment on the sex-themed trip one of his professors is leading.

O.K., Hamilton County. We have a new schools superintendent. Let's give him some running room and see what he can do. Do not prejudge.

Let us hope "woke" is not one of the qualifications considered by Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly in choosing a new police chief.

Ron Hart said of the $100 mil USC/Lincoln Riley coaching deal, "the deal includes his own private lane on the LA Highway 405." Hart is the best!

Play the car tag game. You can find at least one expired license plate every time on your journey.

Where did putting all his assets in a blind trust rank on Mayor Tim Kelly's 100-day plan? Apparently has happened in more than 200 days yet.

It's a shame that all the leaves are down, flowers gone and the grass is short. You can just see how trashy Tennessee is!

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