Why is FEMA making it hard for Grace Baptist Church to rebuild its sanctuary?

"Don't tread on me." I don't care about your safety, my country, my family or yours. Ain't wearing no mask or gettin' no shot.

If the Democrats' delusions were dollars, the national debt would instantly disappear.

How long will we blame the pandemic for crime, looting, shootings, failure to work, need for more entitlements, more control by government? It's here to stay.

People, start attending your city council and school board meetings to counteract the influence the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers are having.

Thanks to Joe Biden, the elf should have plenty of room on the various shelves.

Jussie Smollett: the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Thanks to the nonvaccinated. You carry the germs to others, thus the evolution of COVID goes on and one. Ugh. Wake up!

Say it ain't so, Joe.

Troops refusing the COVID vaccine should get a dishonorable discharge. I served 27 years in the Army/National Guard and it was a lawful order.

According to a TFP commentary, Putin wants Trump as president. Why? He already has Biden in his pocket.

What will the Democrats run against in 2024 if former President Trump decides not to run for again?

Who writes the president's rhetoric? Do they really think we believe everything's a success? We see different. Facts don't support statements. Living in a bubble.

A Republican in deed is a Republican indeed. Joe Manchin needs to stop being a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Any congressperson or senator who supported the attack on our country should lose his or her seat in Congress. Clearly they do not support the constitution.

Make no mistake, parent here illegally chose to separate from their children so their children could stay. We owe them nothing for their bad decisions.

If the Taliban asked the United States for help fighting ISIS, would we do it?

Would somebody please tip-toe down to the DOJ and wake up Merrick Garland?

If Congress is investigating the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, will it also investigate the 500+ riots and lootings of 2020?

The body is a vehicle. The soul is life. The soul enters the body after birth.

Anyone have a recipe for cheese cake without cream cheese? No schmear, no cheer. Forecast of availability of eggs at Easter: iffy. Merry and Happy.

Turn signals are passé! More fun to surprise you by cutting in front or suddenly breaking to turn while you scramble to not hit me!

Readers agree: Bennett's cartoons currently shallow. Suggestion: Biden wearing only a bottomed-out rain barrel getting up from a poker table with Putin.

I don't know how our Chattanooga paper was ever lucky enough to get Clay Bennett.

Cash reward for info about Grove Street shootings? Now? I guess better late than never.

Thanks, David Cook, for your enlightening bidet essay in last Sunday's TFP. You got to the bottom of an important topic!

Come to Chattanooga? Where crime is high and the homeless under every bridge. C'mon mayor, address these issues. P.S.: still a lot of potholes.

To the emissions testing facilities: Don't let the door hit you in the tailpipe on the way out.

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