Who are the Democrats if they don't have Trump to unite them in hate?

It's so nice to see the love that is shared between President Biden and his wife Jill. You never saw that in Donald Trump and Melania.

Obama tried to ruin America with his two terms in office, and Biden is continuing in his footsteps.

The "Q" party, aka Republicans, put party over people, country and God, except Donald Trump. Wait, he is their God.

I hope the Trump "haters" have the grace to thank him when they get their COVID shot, which they received in record time thanks to his operation "Warp Speed."

Former TV star and U.S. senator from Tennessee, the late Fred Thompson, had it right: "There are more bad actors in Washington than Hollywood."

While the poeple were told to fear socialism at all costs, fascism gained power.

Melania needs to kick Donald to the curb so he can hook up with Marjorie Taylor Greene "a rising star in the Republican Party."

To a recent letter writer: I voted Republican, conservative policies/platforms, but I am not one of "74 million Donald Trumps." Unfair to stereotype anyone.

Get a backbone America. There is no statute nor obligation to apologize for my beliefs or convictions.

America: The land of the free and the home of the brave is now the land of the suppressed and the home of the fearful.

I made a rule several years ago: LHF. Never do anything unless you go by this rule: legal, honest, fair. Just think: no courts, jails or prisoners.

For once, I actually agree with a Clay Bennett cartoon. Marjorie Taylor Greene is nuts and belongs in a padded cell.

My elected representatives are Joe Biden, Raphael Warnock, Jon Ossoff and Marjorie Taylor Greene. Which one doesn't fit?

Should be only one question asked of the candidates for mayor: Who did you vote for president?

Flash: Biden new medical care (original idea) labeled Biden Care. You keep all of your current doctors only if they contributed to his campaign.

Prevent disinformation. Reality czar. Ministry of truth. All taglines of Dems. Should add: eliminate freedom of speech. It's a control mechanism. See it?

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene apparently thought the Austin Powers movie, with Dr. Evil's space laser, was a documentary. Breathtaking!

On the way to mediocrity, where everyone is the same, when did lowering standards raise everyone up? Defies physics. But the left believes it. Got facts?

Why wait until 2025 to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour? Try paying your bills and feeding your kids on $7.25 an hour.

Why is government sending out more money when "Help Wanted" signs are all over town? Ask small business owners. They can't get anyone to work. Pitiful.

President talks about union jobs. What about 85% that aren't union? Teachers' union in charge now. Not mayors. Not parents. Look who's calling the shots.

Will $1,400 per person cover my cost of the impeachment trial?

Mailed a 9-by-12 envelope containing a five-page document by certified mail with electronic tracking from Hixson P.O. on Dec. 11, to Philadelphia; still undelivered as of Feb. 2.

No problems with mail delivery in Middle Valley area for me. Errors are rare but do happen. My delivery person does a great job.

Jay Greeson must pick out the Rants; 80% are Trumplican. I have sent my last.

I love Clay Bennett.

Of all the American mores, the one most frequently and recently no longer observed is that of self-sufficiency.

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