So now the schools can open: with masks, washing hands, social distancing. What's new? Oh, a new administration.

Maybe Andrew Cuomo really did deserve that Emmy. He pretended his policies were not killing people in nursing homes. Said it with a straight face. Bragged.

Let's clarify: Trump was impeached while still in office. He was tried in the Senate last week. (Article 1, Section 2, U.S. Constitution)

Top Democrats in Congress should start to worry about their impeachment when they lose the House and the Senate.

Nominees to Liars Hall of Fame: King Donald, Majorie T. Greene, Lyin' Lindsey, McCarthy the Wimp, Rotten Rand, Teddy Cruz and Lil Marco. Despicable.

Let's get on with governing, Democrats. First month has been easy with executive orders and all. Let's see what bipartisan game you got.

Impeachment didn't work for the GOP to get Clinton ousted, and now the Dems did it twice for Trump. No one learns from history?

Mike Pence always stood by Donald Trump. How does he feel now being dumped by Trump because he stood by our Constitution?

Releasing 25,000 illegals into U.S.: No housing, no reliable tracking, released to find shelter, money, food. Hold on to your wallets and homes, South Texas.

Bitcoin makes my head hurt. Can someone please explain how it works and if regular Joes should be playing this game?

Tennessee may be a Red state, but I hope our senators show the country that we love red, white and blue more than Trump.

Now beginning in earnest inside GOP: Mainline Republicans now emboldened enough to reject Trump cult.

Would Republican senators vote to convict Trump if Pence, Pelosi, Schumer or Cruz had been killed or injured on Jan. 6?

Osama bin Laden was responsible for 9/11; he didn't fly the planes. Trump is responsible for 1/6 although he didn't enter the Capitol.

I believe that the national anthem doesn't have to be played at sporting events. I served in Vietnam, Desert Storm and Iraq.

Free speech is not free coverage. You can say anything you want; however, I don't have to print or broadcast what you said.

What has happened to our mail delivery? I have two bills I don't pay online. Both are arriving late, which means past due charges.

Kudos to WTVC weatherman Bill Race for giving back to the community by donating plasma after recovering from COVID.

Got my second vaccine yesterday at the Riverpark. Folks could not have been any nicer and efficient. Ran like a well-oiled machine.

If Tim Kelly wins the mayor's race, how soon will we see him out repairing potholes himself?

Democrats and Republicans: About COVID pandemic relief. "Git-R-done." (Thanks, Larry the Cable Guy.)

Fellow Ranters: What are your opinions on the issue of transgender competition in traditionally female high school and collegiate sports?

MTG is the face of the GOP, and AOC is the face of the Dems. We might be doomed.

The conspiracy theories of QAnon prove to the whole world that people should have to get a license before they can use the internet.

Oh, those clever Hamilton County commissioners! They work for us; we should have a say in whether they get a pay raise. They will when I do.

I appreciate the cute, colorful icons and memes on spammers' email headers. It makes it easier to delete them en masse.

Clay Bennett loves to rant about Marjorie Greene. Don't guess he has any facts on Sharpton. Lol.

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