Name change: The States of America. There is nothing "United" about this country.

Joe Biden spent the first month overturning Trump's policies and ideas. First to go was working for free. Joe ain't gonna work for free.

Federal law needs to be enacted that fines politicians running in a federal election $5,000 every time they claim election fraud without showing evidence.

About this return to normality. Have you seen it yet? Media buys it. Every decision fact-based? Haven't seen that either. Are you paying attention?

The Constitution gives me rights as an individual, not based on my location, group identity, skin color, beliefs. No group rights. Just for every person.

Looks like trying to undermine an election is now permissible.

Everything's moving up: taxes, gas, crime, murders, burglaries, inflation, illegals, groceries, depression, unemployment, entitlements. You chose this new administration. It will cost you.

What does prohibiting food and drinks to persons in a voting line have to do with restoration of voting integrity? Georgia Republican desperation?

March 4 could be a dangerous day because that is the day QAnon has said Trump will be reinstated as president. Remember Jan. 6.

Loved TFP article on Georgia has-been Republican personalities Purdue and Loeffler stepping back into Georgia politics. Article should have appeared on obituary page.

What nation does not put itself first: Russia? China? Germany? France? No, I cannot think of any either, except Biden's America.

Will we soon be the "United States of Mexico"?

Enter illegally, quarantine in nice hotel, receive food, drink, clothes and court date. Ignore date. Receive entitlements forever. All on my dollar. Your dollar. Wrong.

The seven senators who voted to convict Trump beg the question: Were they voting their conscience or the will of the people who elected them?

Rush Limbaugh was not a hero. He was a bloviating huckster who did everything he could to tear Americans apart.

A recent writer is right. Haters of our country should leave. Her ticket is in the mail.

AOC, bartender-turned-thermodynamicist, explained that Houston is freezing because of global warming. Democrats nod knowingly.

Wow! I'm so glad I haven't cast my vote for mayor yet. How dumb to alienate half of your potential supporters with a needless Facebook post.

Next time I lose power and my home is cold, I want Ted Cruz to be my father.

Bailing out blue cities with poor financial management is not COVID relief. Make COVID relief bill clean, targeted and accountable. Nothing else.

Math has no right answers. That's racist. Tell that to NASA Black women who manually calculated trajectories in 1960s and code women in World War II. Absurd.

Show me someone who cannot get health care. Seen the emergency room? No one is denied. Working or not, they all get medical care.

A Rant asks for feedback on girls sports in a transgender world. Season 23, episode 7 of "Southpark" tells you all you need to know.

Mail carriers and post office employees do an amazing job. Like teachers, they are unsung heroes and deserve our respect and admiration.

At last, a Clay Bennett cartoon (Feb. 19) that I can actually 100% agree with! Come on Tennessee, this is not the 1700s!

A big "thank you" to the staff and volunteers at the Enterprise South vaccination site. The entire process was well organized and efficiently run.

PSSSST! Biden has no intention of "taking our guns." And he never has.

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