So the Trump/Mnuchin team trusts the USPS to handle stimulus checks promptly, but not ballots?

Haven't seen many "Cops for Warnock" or "Cops for Ossoff" signs here in Georgia. Lots of non-Georgians telling us what to think, though.

A good start to healing would be to impose term limits on the Senate, House and Supreme Court. Eight years max. Let's vote on that.

Congratulations, Mr. President. I sincerely hope you enjoyed your last Christmas dinner at the White House.

Contrary to a letter writer's assertion, the "Deep State" did not "install Biden." Eighty-one million voters who are sick of Trump's clown show did that.

Donald Trump is turning on his most loyal sycophants. He demands loyalty but gives none in return. What do you want to bet that Mike Pence will be next?

For congressmen, priorities once were God and country, now it is party, money, power. God and country do not make the top five any longer.

To ranter who warned that China wants "to dominate the world militarily and economically": Those are Trump's exact stated goals. Now who's fooled?

Legal advice for Donald Trump: Leave for the Ukraine (no extradition treaty) on Jan. 18. Alternate destinations: Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, Afghanistan or Cuba.

Epitaph on Donald Trump's headstone: "I didn't die; my life was stolen!"

If you believe those constant attack ads for the Georgia Senate, there's not one of the four who is worth voting for. Ban political advertising.

You will see a new, understanding attitude from the media. Politics only, not investigative reporting. What kind of ice cream do you like?

A small package I mailed 12 days ago is still listed as "in transit." The destination is two hours from here. Amazing.

The federal government has jurisdiction over federal buildings/lands. All other polices to protect/defend are state and local. Don't like current policies, look local.

Bill Lee says no mandate needed because everyone wanting a mandate is already wearing a mask. Think hard, Bill. Those aren't the ones spreading COVID.

I always hoped our Volunteer State could rise to number one in something. We finally made it, number-one COVID spreaders.

All those politicians who said they would never take Trump's vaccine were first in line. Pelosi, the Squad, Kamala. What is a hypocrite if not this?

Politicize it any way you want, but history shows that America functions best with a split Congress, regardless of who holds the presidency.

I will take your dare, Ranter. The answer is Mary Louise Kelly from NPR. She tells the whole truth.

Erlanger gets government bailout and gives it to execs? That stinks.

Kelly Loeffler is so rich that every time she shakes that pretty blond mane $10,000 falls out.

Nature has given us two ears, two eyes and but one tongue. To the end that we should hear and see more than we speak. — Socrates

Ten million-plus dollars later, beautiful Miller Park is a virtual prairie with weed boxes and hairpin bollards. Mayor Berke is now turning Patten Parkway into a concrete slab.

You may think you don't have much to give this season, but kindness to animals and your fellow humans is the very best gift.

Andrew Johnson can now rest in peace. Donald Trump has replaced him as the worst president to serve this country in our history.

I believe everyone knows China is a corrupt Communist country. It is almost as corrupt as Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

Is it too much to ask for the Hamilton County School system to turn off the flashing school zone signs when school is not in session?

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