Who in their right mind would invite all people 75+ in Hamilton County to come for COVID vaccinations on the same day?

I can't believe I am being represented in Congress by the biggest nut job of all. I hope we survive two years of Margie Q.

People wouldn't have to worry about being evicted if the money spent on the Georgia Senate run-offs had been spent to help them.

Never have so many learned how to use the mute button so fast.

No longer able to use gender specific pronouns in the U.S. House. You have two chromosomes. Male and female. Can't change that no matter what.

The deplorable commoner is vanquished. His followers routed. The swampy aristocracy reigns from the throne again. All hail de facto King Joe.

"12,780 lost votes"? What price integrity? Face it, Don, you are a loser on every level. Count the silverware before he leaves the White House.

Attempting to overthrow an election violates your oath to support and defend the Constitution. It is a federal crime.

Print that money, turn on the hose and spray all of us again, need or not. Talk about buying votes. We will end up paying.

If Tennessean Al Gore could concede 2000 election when behind 500 votes, how can Tennessee representatives and senators oppose the Constitution and shame our state?

Georgia Democrat candidates promise to beat the virus. How, and where have you been with this knowledge for the past year? You care about us?

"If the people don't have bread, let them eat cake." Marie Antoinette must have been a Republican. It cost her.

George Washington was truthful to his father about the cherry tree. In Hunter Biden's case, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

How much will it cost Trump to get Melania to stay? If she's smart, no amount is enough.

Vaccine: We showed up early, waited hours, turned away at noon. Came to do our part to stop the pandemic. The government did not.

Wake up, Republicans. Trump is out. Now is the time to stand up for the USA.

If there ever was a time for the president to have the line item veto, it is the new economic stimulus bill.

Are magistrate judges graduates of law school? Some in Georgia do not understand parameters of contract law.

Pay attention to more than one news source. You realize that your attention is directed where they want you to look? Not where it's happening?

If you don't think the China virus was an act of war, you agree with, "You have to pass it before you find out what's in it."

Even the automobile inspection stations have more than one location. Come on, county health department.

If vaccine distribution plans are up to the states, that means Bill Lee is overseeing ours. So don't plan on getting your shots anytime soon.

The problem with Operation Warp Speed is it was approved by Operation Warped Brains, the ones working in the White House the last four years.

When someone says no worries, that just means no accountability here, brush it off, why worry, no responsibility, and don't ask me for anything.

Botox and cosmetic filler should be used responsibly. No need to look like a Mardi Gras parade float!

Market Street has turned into a drag racing strip. Intentionally loud cars speed down the street. When will police just set up a noise and/or speed checkpoint?

The world has gone completely crazy. TFP: "Pets suffer anxiety, health challenges." I am suffering from articles like this.

Pu-leeze, not another big story about little Leslie Jordan! Doesn't TFP have anything newsworthy to write about?

New Chattanooga mayor to be: Pave the roads, deal with homeless, lock up gangs, and you will be the hero of the last quarter century.

John Wayne famously said, "Life is hard. It's harder if you're stupid." Wear a mask.

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