We seem to all be trapped in the curse: "May you live in interesting times."

President-elect Biden should be sworn in virtually via a Zoom call to avoid demonstrations like the storming of the Capitol building.

The Wizard of Oz castle guards could have done a better job protecting the Capitol than the U.S. Capitol Police. Oh-wee-oh!

Censorship, it's what's for breakfast! Hope you're all hungry!

What would happen if 70 million people canceled their Twitter, Facebook, Google and Amazon accounts?

Joe Biden tells Georgia voters to elect two more Democrats and get a $2,000 check instead of $600. Why is this not buying votes?

The Trumpsters are still at it. What you see today with your own eyes is fake news tomorrow. Just ask Chuck Fleischmann.

It is a sin that $500 million was spent on the Georgia Senate runoff elections; instead, people could have been helped (food, homes).

I don't believe "the other guy got more votes" is a legitimate cause for a revolution. I am praying most of you agree.

Democrats, the traditions you are creating, to impeach, to tear up speeches, to censure, to harass and harangue endlessly, will come back and bite you.

Thank you, Vice President Pence, senators and representatives for showing courage in coming back to confirm Joe Biden as the next president.

You want a socialist country, move to California and get rolling power outages, fires, massive homelessness, drugs, high taxes, sewer sidewalks. Can't wait for you to leave.

President Trump's words are powerful. What would have happened to COVID-19 if had he pushed the wearing of masks.

Thank you for electing our new president. Now we all can enjoy higher income taxes, gas prices, unemployment and making Hunter Biden a billionaire.

Ron Hart might be the funniest writer in a generation. He said Trump is OK with the transition and wants to be called Madame President for four more years.

Congratulations, President Trump. You finally made Republicans see what you really are — a bully and threat to our democracy. Goodbye and good riddance.

The feds need to get their act together and start helping states with vaccine distribution. It starts there.


I support kicking all politicians off social media; they all obfuscate, spin and shade the truth. Go back to real news conferences.

Good election coverage, especially by newspapers, would put front and center the analysis of campaign advertising. Who paid for the ad and is it accurate?

Party before people, a nation divided, people out of work, broke, sick, hungry, confused and disgusted. Corona is a virus; is Trump a virus?

Sorry, fellow Ranter, NPR's Mary Louise Kelly is no more a Walter Cronkite than Dan Quayle was a JFK. And that's the way it is.

On my November ballot I did not vote for Marjorie Greene. I wrote in Ms. Else. Anyone Else.

I don't understand why it costs more than six times as much to take water out of my house as it does to bring it in?

"Amen" has nothing to do with gender. It's Hebrew, "so be it." Come on, Congress, you should have learned this in first grade.

Political signs or litter? Bigger the sign, better the candidate? Candidate with most signs automatically wins? Win or lose, pick them up and recycle, please.

Per the cancel culture, education should now involve the four "r"s: reading, 'riting, 'rithmatic and reacting.

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