You send someone into my house to kill people and destroy property and then say, "Let's move on." Not in our country. We have laws.

Printing more money devalues the dollar, which makes prices run up, to a point, artificially, not due to intrinsic value. Bust coming soon.

Oh, good grief. Candidate signs litter our roadways and intersections. Citizens can't catch a break from campaigning, campaigning, campaigning.

Goodbye to you, Donald Trump, and your ego. May you and yours have a good life despite your bitterness.

Americans, help our law enforcement brothers fight this insurrection by doing the following: "If you see something, say something."

The feds need to fix vaccine supply and distribution and communication. States need help; counties need more. Ridiculous that we cannot get this right.

Very telling how Congress reacted (and rightly so) to the Capitol invasion, but didn't give a tinker's —— about the mom-and-pop losses during the summer riots.

The "Big Guy" (Biden) said in a statement the attack on the Capitol was planned. If so, how could have President Trump incited it?

Take a deep breath, America. We got this. It's time to take stock of our blessings and heal. We can do this.

Vladimir Putin is laughing and saying, "Our boy Trump did just what we wanted him to do — disrupt elections and destroy democracy." Good boy, Donald!

Mitch McConnell will have a hard time washing the stench of Donald Trump off his hands.

If you allocate and choose based on race, that is racism. Discrimination. No matter how you look at it. Pure and simple.

We now need to research our history to find the real motives whenever anyone claimed "patriotism."

We made it through Clinton, George W., Obama and Trump; we'll make it through Biden. But will we ever have a president we can all look up to again?

Be patient with the rioters' anger. Hear their grievances. This is mainly peaceful. Oh, that only holds true for one political party. Very one-sided.

During the last election, Fleischmann hardly advertised. What is he doing with all of that money that corporations are giving him?

Whitfield County leads Georgia in per-capita cases of COVID. In the future, commissioners should be required to have taken a college course in science.

Hey, Postal Service. My bills are coming in late, and my payments are arriving late, resulting in late fees. Fix the problem.

Rumor is some developer wants to plunk down town homes adjacent to the tornado-decimated Holly Hills neighborhood. Don't these folks deserve a break?

Beware of new animal emergency clinics. You get referred within the practice and pay a referral fee, and the specialists abound. Fee again.

Is it me or have the phone scams increased as we draw closer to a little-guy-be-darned presidential administration? Just a coincidence?

Unscrupulous developers leave a wake of destruction behind them. Check their history. Follow the money.

It's not funny but kind of sad to watch the reactions of individuals who get COVID who have spent the previous months berating others for their actions.

Wonder how many of the "we're all in this together" folks will donate or give to charity or the truly needy their stimulus check monies.

Wow! How inspiring was Amanda Gorman, who read her poem at the inauguration? We should all rejoice in her message.

To our mayoral candidates: Just answer this. Are you going to raise my taxes? Stormwater/sewer fees? I want to hear how you dodge this question.

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