Maybe someday we will vote for who we think is best qualified instead of voting against someone else. Be nice for a change.

President Trump is gone. You keep writing about him because Biden is so boring. Enough already. Move on.

Alexei Navalny showed courage going back to Russia even after they poisoned him; surely, 17 Republican senators have enough courage to convict Trump.

Biden won. You will have a miserable four years not accepting this. Stop depriving yourselves of much needed happiness and unity. Enjoy life.

Let's see how long our 401k accounts continue to grow. Let's see how long it is before our taxes go up.

Have a bipartisan censure of President Donald Trump, not an impeachment trial.

Democrats' 2024 dream — Harris vs. Romney/Corker.

Uh oh, one dead person voted in Dade County. Overturn the rigged election! Declare Biden the winner in Dade County.

We need term limits, period.

Inciting an insurrection against the federal government is not free speech. It is treason and should be treated accordingly.

Is it too soon to blame Biden for all of Trump's failures?

Critics of Trump who slammed everything he said or did are now demanding unity and cooperation? What?

So if Trump winds up going to jail, will his Secret Service detail go with him?

How sad that Trump's "evangelical Christian patriots" are openly praying for President Joe Biden to fail.

Still waiting on MSNBC, NYT, WaPo and CNN to pivot from Trump-bashing to holding Biden accountable and questioning his every decision and executive orders.

You can take any 535 people in the U.S. and do a better job in Congress than is being done by those career politicians. We need term limits.

Semantics. When a new leader uses troops to enforce his every decision, it's not called democracy. It's called a junta.

Had a wonderful experience at the Catoosa County Health Department. Called on Friday to get vaccinated. Made appointment for 2 p.m. Monday. Walked out at 2:12.

Place the COVID deniers at the back of the vaccine line; after all, it's just the sniffles for them.

I agree. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. President Trump and family were disrespected and hated by Dems.

The people who attacked the I.C.E. building in Portland should be considered "insurrectionists" as they attacked a U.S. government agency.

Did you see the wall around the White House? Yet the Mexican wall is no longer needed? Dems use walls for their personal security. Not yours.

Risked COVID exposure paying Hamilton County automobile emission testing tax. Too bad these sites aren't used for vaccine distribution instead. What's up with this?

Thank you, Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department, for keeping us safe and informed during the pandemic. Your employees work tireless hours and need to hear: job well done.

My husband and I got our second vaccination Thursday. Congratulations to the health department for an efficient process. Everyone get your shots!

Clay Bennett, ya had to get one more jab in at my president ... low class.

Hey, mask mandaters! How many of you actually go the mandated speed limit? Speed kills, slow down.

We need to clean up the trash along Middle Valley Road. It's disgusting! Need community service groups out there. Stop ruining our city.

Fact: No one, not the Democrats or anyone else, has taken "under God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance. Why print such nonsense?

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