So where the heck are the cicadas?

On this Fourth of July, let us all remember that we have more in common with one another than what we hear on TV. Think about it.

Critical race theory in our schools? How about teaching critical thinking skills instead? Teach history and facts, and let kids develop their own theories.

All the kids raised with helicopter parents now want helicopter government to take care of them, pay their bills. Weak. No freedom or self-respect.

Why don't the liberal commentators (including those within the Times Free Press) ever speak to the "no-win" plight of Black law enforcement officers?

If the clergy were to tend to what God called them to do — preach the Gospel — there might not be a need for a sheriff.

A successful, intelligent business associate told me he spreads Trump-inspired false stories because he wishes they were true. He is not delusional.

Clay Bennett's cartoon of former President Trump captioned "Miss me yet?" demands an answer: "More, since what we have now."

Got an idea: Congress does its job or doesn't get paid. Wait. That will never happen in either case.

Does anyone who is impartial doubt that the goal of Biden's economic agenda is the redistribution of wealth?

Three years spent looking for Russian collusion. Nothing. Can't get anyone to look at Chinese origin of virus. Why not? Not on Dems' political agenda.

Russia left Afghanistan to the Taliban when it left in the '80s. We should be ashamed for doing the same thing now.

Tennessee lawmakers obsessing over New Zealand transgender weightlifter at Tokyo Olympics. New Zealand is 8,000 miles away. Tokyo is 7,000 miles away. Work on local issues.

The socialist lie that is permeating America continues more each day to our destruction, and it will happen.

So Kamala goes to safe place near the border, not most traveled place on border. Figures. Easier to laugh and bobble if you don't see issues.

It is a sorry state of affairs that our politicians cannot let "the other side" have a victory — even if that victory is good for the country.

Will Joe Biden's face be on the $1 trillion bill?

Sign of the times: "Help Wanted" outside an employment agency.

Gwen Berry: If she does not want to honor her country, then move to another one.

Have you seen any fast-food restaurant that doesn't have an "Apply Within" sign posted at the drive-through?

Free Britney already.

Is the worst thing the left can say to argue op-ed satirist Ron Hart is not spot on is to say he has shaggy, long hair? Weak!

Hamilton County has opened for business. Yeah? Maybe! Remember, six out of 10 people you meet aren't vaccinated. Are they carriers?

A wish for resolution, peace and love to former Erlanger CEO Kevin Spiegel and his family, who are struggling in Surfside, Fla. Such a tragedy.

Monday's Region section: "Some parents in uproar over critical race theory." Perhaps a more accurate headline would be "Most parents not in uproar over CRT."

So glad our esteemed district attorney has the time and money to solve the murder of a gangster by another gangster. Hope he goes to work on Jimmy Hoffa next.

So refusal to vaccinate by some makes life more dangerous for the rest of us, proving, once again, ignorance by some is dangerous for all.

Happy Fourth of July to my neighbors. Now, can the fireworks stop?

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