How wonderful and patriotic to hear Lee Greenwood and friends singing "God Bless the USA" on Fox News on July 4.

Democrats are always right, Republicans are always wrong, pigs can fly, the moon is made of cheese, and there is a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

Never forget: 9/11/01 and 1/6/21.

Who writes all the scripts for POTUS? Did we vote this person in? Someone behind scenes pulling all the strings. Who is it?

Biden's economic and tax policies to help the "little guy"? Baloney. Inflation hurts most of all the poor and those on a fixed income.

Some trespassers to Capitol still in solitary confinement. Looters, arsonists, shooters, murderers throughout large cities last winter go free. Hmm.

Republicans want Olympic athletes to be silent about their political views; instead, it's the Republicans who should be silent.

The writers who pontificate about racial injustice always live in the whitest neighborhoods. Easier to pontificate that way — from a protected bubble.

Suggestion: Social, media and political pundits and posers focus more on people's individual and interactive responsibilities than playing the blame game.

You rant about slavery but support entitlements. Don't you see they are the same thing?

My prediction for the next person to be thrown under the Trump bus is drum roll, please. Ron DeSantis.

Trump is actually 0-2 loser in national voting. 2024 chances of winning are as thin as his hair.

It's easier to address guns than bad people and a lot more popular, especially to the criminals who will always have guns. Truth will win.

Brass spittoons (still in Congress), filibuster and Electoral College all are rustic relics from the 1800s. Should be removed and forgotten.

Mayors are responsible for city gun violence. Tough cops and DAs reduce crime. Proven fact. Liberal leaders overlook necessities. Look at Dem-led cities.

Front-line workers are important: A maid discovered the guns in Denver last weekend, and a security guard discovered the Watergate break-in (1972).

Reply to rant "label them 'migrants' ... " WWJD? Jesus would tell them to obey the law of the country.

So, my body, my choice only applies sometimes. Yes to abortion, no to vaccine. Their power and control determine the inconsistent rules, your freedoms. Scary.

Haiti's request: Please send your Army to help us. Remember all the money we raised to help them? They will plunder just like the Middle East.

Young people in the '60s: Uncle Sam pointed a finger and said, "I want you"; however, now the delta variant is pointing the finger.

I remember Kamala having issues with vaccine developed under Trump. Now they wonder why millions are unvaccinated. They should connect their words and deeds.

Love Ron Hart! He said: "I smoke cigars; for every one God takes an hour off your life and gives it to Keith Richards."

Hey, Clay Bennett, where are your cartoons about stumbling, bumbling Joe Biden? Oh, that's right, he's a Democrat.

Jim Coppinger, talk to us about a new industrial park when our leaders can manage the schools, roads and congested mess we have now.

Stopped the newspaper: biased. Restarted: need the ads. Trump still a major topic. Is the Trump card yet to be played?

Let's stop begging folks to get the shot. Send the vaccines overseas where they are needed, and let the anti-vaxxers continue gambling with their lives.

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