Thank God our current Tennessee legislators didn't serve in the 1950s. If they had, we'd still have polio and children living in iron lungs.

The follies of raising corporate taxes: consumers ultimately pay, overseas movement of corporations results in job losses, belief that the money will be spent responsibly.

When does your opinion become disinformation? Just ask Facebook or the government. Scary attack on free speech. If they don't like your facts, you're out.

When a vaccine becomes available to erase stupidity, will Republicans be smart enough to take it?

Your right to free speech does not guarantee you access to someone else's megaphone.

JFK: "Ask not what your country can do for you." Biden: "For you, here is your country's check."

Maybe those who bettered themselves since 1980 earned their money the old-fashioned way: They worked for it, rather than be on the government dole.

No wonder people outside of Tennessee think of us as stupid rednecks when we continue to elect such ilk as Lee, Blackburn, Fleischmann and DesJarlais.

What is dangerous? Posting various opinions about COVID or letting in thousands of illegals? Government only addressing easy topics. No grit. No experience. No logic. Disaster.

Maybe if Trump encouraged it, more people would get vaccinated. You'd think he could see it might save many of the voters in his base.

If Tennessee is going to honor Nathan Bedford Forrest, then it should begin to pay reparations to all descendants of slaves owned by him.

Quid Pro Joe will accept illegal immigrants fleeing tyrants as long as they don't come from Cuba. That doesn't sound too strange, does it?

No more freedom of speech but freedom to break laws, commit crime, enter illegally. Dems need to read Constitution. We need to vote them out.

COVID restrictions should have stayed in place until a percent rise in vaccination rates took place; higher rates would mean less restrictions.

COVID-19 Delta variant is coming, folks. We are on a collision course. Please consider getting the vaccine.

A greater return to normalcy is thwarted by all the vaccine-resistant people who are dooming all to endless variants, lockdowns and masking.

You can talk badly about Republicans, police, rich people and the flag but not Asia, China, taxes, entitlements, free health care, inflation and illegals. Upside down.

Our government is not working. Maybe it's the two-party system. Something has to change. Nothing is getting done. Term limits?

I hope all of the left-wingers who want socialism in the U.S. are looking at what's going on in Cuba right now. So sad for the Cuban people.

Will someone please explain how Georgia's and Texas' voter laws are more restrictive than Washington, D.C., and Delaware?

Ever since the mayoral campaign ended, I haven't seen Tim Kelly patch a single pothole. Especially in my neighborhood.

Rant screeners, grow some and post rants that you never post. Remember you have freedom of the press.

Has the Times Free Press forgotten about the Lookouts?

David Cook must specialize in fiction. Does he know that Chattanoogans voted to get out of the schools business? Does he think they have suddenly changed their minds?

I want to thank Clint Cooper for the first article that cites facts. Not sure why it was listed as opinion though.

Economic reality check from the internet: "It'll trickle down." No. They'll spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build spaceships so they can take private joyrides with it.

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