When the Salk polio vaccine was perfected in the '50s, the world celebrated. What is going on today with the resistance to the coronavirus vaccine?

Why would you ever incentivize people to not work — unless you are buying loyalty and votes? I like my freedom and cannot be bought.

You are quick in stopping abortions to "save lives," but you aren't so quick to get the COVID vaccine to save lives.

Darwin's "survival of the fittest": I'm vaccinated and not worried about others not getting the vaccine.

The culture war is wearing me out. The left's sanctimonious finger-wagging is out of control. The right has lost its way.

Republicans think people should believe what they say just because they said it; however, this is why the Democrats lost to Trump in 2016.

Think the election was stolen? If so, join the crowd. That is how Democrats felt after W was elected on a 6-3 vote.

Mayor Tim Kelly, your 100 days are up. Completing only 81.16% of your 100-days plan was a "C" when I went to school.

Cuba is communist, not socialist. Read a book. Learn something.

More and more, our elected GOP officials show their ignorance and lack of concern. They will never admit that COVID-19 was a danger even as they take shots.

Turns out Trump was correct about the border, Big Tech, crime, economy, unemployment. Clear as a bell to see, but you won't hear it from Dems.

Why is it OK to protest at sports events but not pray?

What local attorney lost races for Congress in 2016, state House in 2018 and has now filed paperwork for a judgeship in 2022?

Trump can take credit for Operation Warp Speed, but he must also take credit for not pushing getting the vaccine.

Think a mask is inconvenient? How inconvenient is a ventilator?

What if a majority of unvaccinated are Dems after all? Would it be a big topic with so much discrimination? Don't assume they are Trump Republicans.

Whatever happened to Rosie the Riveter, Joe the Plumber and others willing to work to keep the USA and its citizens proudly self-sufficient?

If you had an early COVID infection, you possess some level of protection. But with delta [variant], that's simply not as good as being fully vaccinated.

Deceitful that an electee runs on the premise of fixing the shortcomings of a predecessor and then blames the resulting failure on those same shortcomings?

There is no right or wrong side of history. Good and bad things happen. All should be studied so the bad is not repeated.

Looking for a new church. Previous one was getting too political. Whatever happened to separation of church and state?

Wonder how the city will measure outcomes as it funds support coordinators in seven schools? Stewardship needed.

Many people are squeamish about getting shots. Why do the new outlets continue showing those needles going into arms? They are driving people away.

Fauci got $600,000 to send to Wuhan for research. Is that to develop COVID-22 for the next election cycle? Fauci needs to retire or be fired.

An MLB pitcher makes millions of dollars a year. A school teacher makes $45,000. That's just not right.

Hey TFP: Keep up the good work on the migrant children and state DCS. Sounding like the state has blown this from day one.

Going for gold? Simone Biles is courageous for speaking truth and doing what is right for her.

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