Seems like America's solution to every perceived problem is to just throw money at it.

Big difference between refugees and illegal aliens, even if children. Our state supports the legal refugee program and always has. Illegal is illegal.

Democrats, get busy getting the vote out for 2024 because the country couldn't survive Trump being president again.

I vote for politicians who love America, are strong, selfless leaders, lead from the front not behind, believe in hard work, not handouts. Dems unqualified.

Please stop calling "Big Lie" pushers conservative. True conservatives don't support lying, stealing and cheating. A better description for them might be brainwashed.

No Russia interference. No legitimate testimony against justice, no death from Capital protests, no bat-originated virus.

Thought process of Republicans in Washington: What lie can I tell today that will make Trump like me?

With my master's degree I thought I was well-educated. Why were we never told about the Tulsa massacre?

Re: Russia, Wuhan virus, China, walls, illegals, economy, taxes, America first. Just because Trump said it, didn't mean it was false. Media blinded by hate.

You are either self-reliant or government-reliant, free or not, accountable or entitled, hard-working or lazy. It's really very plain to see.

How do you buy votes: food stamps, free housing, COVID money, child credits, subsidized everything, big entitlements. Seems to be working.

Migrant children fled oppression and poverty in their home countries only to face oppression from Gov. Lee in Tennessee.

No child should be made to feel guilty over the color of their skin. Read that again.

I am for Black friends, not BLM signs, work not handouts, education not indoctrination, funding police not defunding, legal, not illegal immigration.

The Jan. 6th insurrection was caused by "domestic terrorists;" therefore, Republicans don't want a commission because "domestic terrorists vote."

We in Tennessee are extremely thankful that Georgia has Marjorie Taylor Green living in that state. What a blessing.

Tennessee, legalize medical marijuana for us senior pain sufferers who do not want to depend on Big Pharma!

Don't the brainless drivers who think blasting their engines around Coolidge Park and Market Street Bridge know what women say about them? Think small.

You have to wonder about a college student walking down an empty sidewalk, talking on his phone, with a mask on. So, so virtuous.

Can Caitlyn Jenner outrun a woman the same age? So much for transgender sports.

Remember how adult interference ruined kids' sports? Today, politicians, commissioners, conferences, etc., are doing the same to college and pro sports.

I do feel for Naomi Osaka and other athletes struggling with mental health, but they do have access to millions of dollars and great help. Most of us don't.

Clay Bennett's recent cartoon depicting Kevin McCarthy as an invertebrate is beyond disrespectful and is exemplary of the Times' negative, hateful attitude.

Come on, Tennesseans. Get the shots. We have football in just a few months. Let's feel safe packing the stadiums again. Please.

Thanks, TFP, for the great photos of the "diving dogs" photos in last Tuesday's paper. So nice to see something happy in the paper.

Memorial Day is not the beginning of summer. It is the celebration of the men and women who gave their lives defending our nation.

I bet Nazis were opposed to the Nuremberg Trials.

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