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Tim Scott has it right: The past is like the rear-view mirror, the future is the wide windshield before us. The proportion is correct.

The British royal family is "diversity in action" because of baby Archie and Lilibet Diana.

How do you buy votes and heavy-duty financial support? Tax cuts for the super rich, of course. After all, who cares about deficits?

The essence of education is teaching how to think, not what to think. Furthermore, the freedom to think is the core of the First Amendment.

Mike Pence sold his soul to the devil to be vice president. The crushing bill came due Jan. 6.

Isn't it about time that every time ransomware is used to attack the USA, we close down the industry attacked in the home country of the ransomware origin?

President Biden has a meeting with Putin. Everything will be uncomplicated, nothing accomplished and both go home happy. Count on it.

To the letter writer stating Georgians are the enemy because of Greene/Gaetz visit: Greene is an embarrassment; she ran unopposed. I'm voting Marcus Flowers in 2022.

Trafficking is the word Gov. Bill Lee used to describe migrant children; therefore, does he believe that they are being exploited sexually? Sounds like QAnon.

Republicans with all their new election laws are like the child who gets mad while playing and then picks his toys up and goes home.

Whoever engineered the millions of dollars on the 26th Street update failed. It's impossible to enter or exit the narrowed street from any direction without overriding the curbs.

Slow growth economy, more cyberattacks, increased illegals, rising prices, inflation. All the new norms, according to current administration. The Dems make it happen again.

Republican senators didn't want an insurrection investigation; they knew who caused it. They will pass if off as a hoax, witch hunt and fake news.

The Department of Justice brought us back from "the Darkside" by hacking back from it $2.3 million of the ransom paid by Colonial Pipeline. Thank you!

Transparency is just the Republicans' "code word" for saying they don't want any "migrant children" in their states.

Strange, I haven't heard of ID requirements oppressing any eligible person from buying alcohol!

All you people driving electric cars, looking green: How do you think electricity gets generated? Think hard. You'll get there. Not what you thought, huh?

Free Press columnist Ron Hart is an embarrassment to this newspaper.

I am so thankful that the Democrats remind me everyday how racist I am.

I hope the resolution of the issues between Biden and Putin does not come down to a push-up contest.

Hey, Lookout Mountain, please get your squirrels on Signal Mountain. They are outsmarting every object I put out to block them from my bird feeders.

Bailey Avenue is now the latest road with new bike lanes that no one will use. Take away two lanes of car traffic for one or two bicycles. This is nuts!

So when will the media and our political leaders start showing some respect and calling us American citizens instead of Blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, etc.?

December 2020, Russia implanted a Trojan Horse into computer networks of American government and more. Unless we wake up, Colonial Pipeline is nothing in comparison.

Hey Mayor, you cannot drive Market Street and drink coffee at the same time. How about paving from First Street to Main Street? Please.

INTERESTing FACT: Joe Manchin's daughter was CEO of Mylan when it bought the company that makes EpiPens. She raised the price of EpiPens by 461%.

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