Our Founding Fathers were not politicians. They were "We the People." Let's reclaim our country and our freedom. We can do this.

Edna Varner is correct. Many children are already behind entering kindergarten. $200 billion is fruitless. A child deprived of home stimulus always struggles.

Want to bet the Southern border becomes a crisis when illegal immigrants start voting Republican?

Gee, let's investigate Dr. Fauci, and maybe it will divert all the attention Trump is still getting for inciting the attack on the Capitol.

The history of the USA is not perfect, but we haven't killed hundreds of millions in concentration camps like China and Russia.

First lady, Biden's handlers keeping president from speaking more than scripted words; "Weekend at Bernie's" scenario may be drawing closer.

How do you like being yelled at by China, threatened by Russia, conceding to Iran, and being a victim of Chinese virus? Par for our current administration.

Watergate happened when Nixon had an enemies list; therefore, what will happen to Trump with his enemies list over phone records?

Now that Europe is happy with the Biden Administration, does that mean the USA will be picking up the European NATO dues once more?

Republican game plan: Suppress voting. When everyone votes, Republicans lose. It's not what the country wants, it's what Trump and his minions want.

Racism has been a cultural reality here for a very long time. Some people evolve. Others want acknowledgement of racism repressed or even outlawed.

Hey Republicans, instead of pointing one finger toward Dr. Fauci, investigate the other three fingers pointing at you for the Jan. 6 riots.

Prediction: Dems will keep alive Jan. 6 investigations until 2022 election because it appears that's all they've got. Pitiful.

No American flags for Flag Day on the Walnut Street Bridge. Only woke holiday Juneteenth flags. What next? Festivus flags for the rest of us?

European Union, Russia and China are now the new axis of evil to America and world. North Korea will perform an EMP on America soon.

Isn't it ironic how money begets business and politics?

Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn't believe in evolution? Actually, evolutionary science is having a hard time accounting for her.

Ron Hart was called an embarrassment last week. Ron is a clever, satirical writer. Last week's ranter is probably a Democrat — no sense of humor.

Chattanooga police can increase revenues by ticketing the speeders and racers on Jersey Pike between Bonny Oaks and Oakwood Drive.

Doubt Big Tech listens in? While driving in mid-North Carolina, I mentioned a prominent Atlanta Realtor. Five seconds later, his ad appeared on my wife's phone.

Seventy-eight health care workers in Houston refused to get the COVID vaccine even after taking care of COVID patients for 14 months. Dumb move.

Chief Roddy: Sure do hate to see you leave, but I really don't blame you because our city seems to be going to the dogs.

I respectfully ask everyone who hasn't gotten a COVID shot to consider it now. Our families, community and country need our protection.

Counteroffer to ranter last week: We'll drop Ron Hart; you drop Clay Bennett.

People of Chattanooga, the mayor's sole job is not to pave your little patch of commuter asphalt. I pity your intelligence if that's your only complaint.

If the Girls Scouts have millions of unsold cookies, I'd love to help them out. Where can you get them?

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