Remember why you left that blue state for our red state. Don't bring all that crazy big government and big giveaways. We don't want it.

Republicans should not accept $1,400 checks. No Republican reps voted for President Biden's relief plan. It's assumed their constituents didn't want or need the checks.

Mrs. Pelosi, tear down this wall!

We get future taxpayers' money without doing any work. Is it wrong to accept rewards not earned? Remember the federal government does not generate income.

Teachers, teachers, I declare, the school board found millions to spare. Now, about that accountability...

We have rejoined the World Health Organization. Can we expect the same expert advice for the next pandemic?

New, made-for-TV blockbuster movie about Donald Trump after his presidency. The title? "Revenge of the Lyin' King."

America has been well aware of the dangers of white supremacists/nationalists. Guess we needed to get knocked in head to act.

March 2, 1977, the House of Representatives adopted a strict code of ethics. What a laugh! Still waiting for shenanigans, name-calling and hypocrisy to stop.

Ugh. Another month of campaigning and political ads. Enough is enough.

If you want to get anything done in Washington, kill the filibuster.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo must be sad Trump's gone. The national media needs someone to pick on, and he has a poor paper trail.

Can't city candidates tell who their constituents are? I live in the county and received endless calls and letters about the city election.

Thou shall have no other gods before me. Unless it is a golden statue of Donald J. Trump.

Cancel culture is a buzz word for folks whining there are consequences for their bad behavior.

It still resonates: Reparations is money paid by people who never owned slaves to people who never were slaves. What are some people thinking?

Coppinger and Berke should put on their work clothes (if they have any) and go out and pick up all the litter along our streets and highways.

All Americans with COVID vaccines in their arms owe a debt of gratitude to former President Trump. Maybe history will give him his due.

Preachers need to preach the Bible and not encourage their congregation on whom to vote for or against.

Please keep the mayoral runoff as free from name-calling and negative campaigning as was the run-up to last week's regular election? Could we? Please?

Huh? Biden closes the pipeline and Americans lose jobs? Biden opens the border and Americans lose jobs? And he commiserates that his father lost his?

The schadenfreude of the Democrats, liberal media and "Me Too" folks about the allegations against [now Justice] Kavanaugh has now waned considering the allegations against Gov. Cuomo.

Henry Ford's genius was not just in building cars but also in raising wages so employees could afford to buy cars. Raise the minimum wage.

How is the idea of transgender competition in traditionally female high school sports fair to the girls who need to develop confidence and self-esteem?

CHI Memorial's COVID vaccination process demonstrates again why this hospital is so highly rated and highly regarded locally, statewide and nationally. Fortunate to have it.

Approaching Gig City on I-24 East, the former Mueller plant property looks like Hiroshima with graffiti after the A-bomb. Tear it down and clean it up!

Move Medicare eligibility to age 62 and lots of new jobs will become available in the USA.

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