The dance craze in D.C. seems to be the party-line lockstep.

Dr. Phil says that you need to "own" a problem before you can solve it; therefore, the Republicans must "own" that Trump lost the election.

Wears a mask outside but not inside. Isn't this backwards, Mr. President?

I like representatives of the people. It's the politicians that I don't like.

Will the nonessential government employees, elected politicians and lobbyists please shelter in place? We the people manage wonderfully without your constant interruptions in our lives.

Vote Republican, not Trump. It's time to reclaim the Republican Party and to make the GOP grand again.

Why is our government allowing the riots, looting and burning of businesses to continue in Portland? The FBI has to know who is paying these anti-Americans.

Jim Jones's followers drank the Kool-Aid and died. The Republicans drank Trump's Kool-Aid, and now the GOP is slowly dying.

Congressman Fleischmann, if inciting insurrection is not an impeachable offense, what is? Rep Cheney put her country over party.

GOP cancels Liz Cheney.

I am appalled that a group of privileged white people limit others' rights because they are so afraid of truth and of losing power.

Paying people more to stay home in name of COVID when unemployment is rising? Create a nonworking group of dependents for a lifetime.

If you want restaurant workers to come back, try giving them more than $2 an hour. Try minimum wage.

Look at France with all its socialism and giveaways: Wait in line for doctors, child care, gas, housing. Everyone unhappy. Government broke. Debt high.

"Foxitis" is the defense a Jan. 6 rioter is claiming: He watched Fox News all day during the pandemic as they talked about election fraud.

If people don't want to be mistreated by the police, then do whatever the police ask you to do.

The Second Amendment protects an undefined right. It does not say that anyone, anytime, anywhere can keep and bear any kind of arms.

Minimum international tax. You really think the world is going to join to keep corporations from leaving U.S.? I've got some bridges to sell you.

Tennessee lawmakers didn't pass any laws this pandemic session to help our citizens, only to hurt. And added a new court to get preordained rulings. Wow!

Woke doesn't pay the bills, protect and defend, get the job done, clean the house. All it does is blow smoke. To no end.

Not sure how you can be a devout Catholic and not mention God in prayer on National Prayer Day.

Mayor Kelly, I am still seeing potholes.

First-graders doing critical race thinking in school? Really? Not the time or the place. They need reading, writing and arithmetic. Nothing more.

Private funeral due to COVID. Public visitation Friday. Clue me in. I'm confused.

Guess local businesses don't need support like we heard; many still requiring masks to get inside. I'll take my spending power elsewhere. Facts not fear? Hardly.

Don't want the vaccine? Your choice. Nature's choice? Thin the herd.

When candidate Kamala Harris says she will not get vaccine from previous administration, why follow her lead now to get one? Same vaccine.

The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. Ecclesiastes 10:2.

Why join the Paris Accords when China, Russia and India all have exemptions? A chance to waste more money?

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