Keystone pipeline cancelled, yet pipelines preferred method to transport gas. Feel the shortage? Weren't we fuel and energy independent? Go figure. Thank a Dem.

It is OK to give corporations billions during a pandemic, but when it comes to giving unemployed workers $300, by God, it has to stop.

Dear Joe Biden, please stop your "Build Better America" campaign.

Spineless Republican lemmings flocking to Florida to kiss the ring of twice-impeached, disgraced, one-term president, the pied piper of Mar-a-Lago.

We will never have to really worry about China or Russia; we will destroy ourselves.

Doctors, you complain about patients' sugar intake, yet do nothing with the FDA to get sugar out of our foods. It's even in a can of beans.

The Republicans are in trouble because Liz Cheney was to them what Jiminy Cricket was to Pinocchio: their "conscience."

What about the trillions already spent on SNAP, food stamps, Head Start, etc., to fight poverty, that didn't work? Government is not the solution. Obviously.

Think of all the words with new meanings in 100 days: infrastructure, racism, debt, participation, bipartisan, compromise, unity. Or should it be new spin?

Everybody is happy with free money until they realize it's not free. Unemployment stays up, prices rise, interest rates grow, gas up. Not really free, huh?

Congratulations, Republicans. With Liz Cheney's ouster, your credibility is gone; your grave has been dug.

A question for the current administration and its "green" plan: How will idling cars in gas lines reduce carbon emissions?

My vote is to leave Forrest's statue at the Tennessee Capitol. What better place for such a racist symbol?

Just when you thought MarjieQ couldn't do anything stupider, she does. Repeatedly. What an embarrassment. She doesn't represent me.

Celebrate and wear the mask. Not only did it protect us against COVID but also from the flu. Have you heard about the flu this pandemic?

There's been an evolution of science about the bat stew flu and masks. That would be the political science, presumably.

Consider the academic gains students could achieve if parents were as demanding about their child's focus on their school work as they are about protesting the HCDE mask requirement.

Republicans have sold their soul to the devil. Members don't agree with their anti-democracy ravings? They're gone and gagged! Our country is in deep trouble.

The 13th, 14th and 15th amendments were all opposed by Democrats, but today they act like they invented them.

Dominion officials, if you have nothing to hide about your voting machines, why not cooperate with auditors to prove your integrity?

Cut off travelers from China, you're xenophobic. Cut off travelers from India, you're genius. Same excuse for both. Who determines these spins and evaluations?

Conservatives, known for common sense and careful thinking in the past, are irrationally posturing themselves in supporting an ego-driven former president.

Wow. TFP cartoonist Clay Bennett is showing he can create cartoons without Donald Trump. What a refreshing change.

I am clear: I am vaccinated. I don't have to wear my mask, but I can choose to if I am unsure about crowds around me. Sounds reasonable to me. Progress!

Rest in peace, Mike Carter.

Kudos to Memorial Hospital for their new, caring and uplifting commercials. They make me smile.

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