Can I send our Ooltewah squirrels to Signal Mountain? They're eating us out of house and home in birdseed and driving our dogs nuts.

Terrible way to do business: Republicans will block all of Biden's proposals, then they can say in 2024 that he hasn't done anything as president.

Can we include in the infrastructure legislation a fully furnished 4,000-square-foot house for me? I'll vote Democrat if so.

No campaigning, no governing, no foresight, no accountability, no spontaneous thought, no fortitude. No one's home. No way to run a country.

Do we all feel reassured that our public officials will spend the millions and millions and millions of stimulus (i.e., taxpayer) money wisely? Hmm.

Fleischmann pushed 10 Benghazi investigations but is doing everything he can to block one bipartisan Jan. 6 investigation. Why is Chuck afraid of the truth?

I felt safer in Trump's America than Biden's. Consider China, Russia, Hamas, police, riots, inflation, illegals, crime.

Hey Republican- controlled states, just wondering when you'll make women have to start wearing red capes and big white hats? Seems like that's next.

Why are kids wearing masks in the classroom but not seat-belts on the school bus?

I taught a "History of Rock and Roll" class that began with its indebtedness to Black rhythm and blues. Guess that would be banned now.

Will we ever again have a true democracy? We can no longer depend on the GOP to follow fair election processes. It is the end.

When you control a man's money, health care, housing and food, you control his vote. Wake up people, the liberals in Washington have you right where they want you.

Freely choosing which restroom to use in a private business is clearly a greater threat to public safety than loaded guns in the hands of (unlicensed) people.

If Bill Lee and Tennessee legislators spent more time improving our state and less time looking in underwear, we'd be better ranked nationwide! MYOB.

I saw a protest sign that said, "Wearing a mask is slavery." It is morally wrong to think or say this.

To those who would defund the police, be careful for what you wish: How many of us have asked "where are the police when you need one?"

About the earlier discussed issue of the current no-split party control of Congress, remember "power tends to corrupt but absolute power corrupts absolutely."

It is disgraceful, and the city should be ashamed and embarrassed at how much better Graysville Road is once you enter Catoosa County.

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz: The Republican dog-and-pony show to promote Trump's "Big Lie." A real class act.

Some folks choose not to get the vaccine because everyone is in charge of their own body, unless, of course, they're a pregnant woman.

I bet the writer of the final letter to the editor last Sunday would not similarly advocate for Marjorie Taylor Greene's freedom of expression and speech.

I wonder if they checked Phil Mickelson for steroids?

Free Press editorial page editor Clint Cooper is right: The voters should choose a successor to the late state Rep. Mike Carter. Too much politicking going on.

What is with so many people who don't bother using their turn signals nowadays? Does it really take that much effort?

Come on, Tennesseans. Let's get vaccinated and get rid of this pandemic.

Thank you to all of the senior citizens who courageously got the vaccine and showed their true patriotism. May the younger generation and GOP take note.

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