The path to progress is via persuasion, not coercion.

So we have a GOP primary next year in county mayor's race. Two politically connected families duking it out. Get your popcorn!

As long as Uncle Sam is paying some people hundreds of dollars per week to stay home, they are not going to work.

It is now time to realize God is angry. Climate change? You have seen absolutely nothing yet.

Investigate your enemy. Silence those who criticize you. Tax the rich. Undo all Trump. A Dem's life.

The Republicans can't be the "better choice" until they start promoting a positive agenda.

Oh, horrors! Billionaires are being asked to pay income tax like the rest of us — and at a lower rate. And they're complaining.

State Sen. Mark Pody doesn't like the feds telling us what we can and can't do. We don't like the state telling us what to do, either.

If 1950s parents hadn't vaccinated their kids, how many 2020 parents would be here to complain about mandates?

The so-called progressives are sinking the Democratic Party. After Trump, many people were disgusted, but change should have been made gradually; that is, moderately.

Donald Trump, Steve Bannon and Mo Brooks were leaders of the "insurrection" and should be sent to Guantanamo Bay.

We have a supply chain crisis. Is Biden the missing link?

It would be prudent if the current government is in office much longer to invest in plenty of canned goods, a generator, water and ammo.

My Pillow huckster's commercials faded away, but have no fear. Special COVID state legislative session provided adequate infomercial replacement.

William Shakespeare should be invoked to describe Tennessee's new COVID laws and their creators. "Howl, howl, howl, howl! Oh, you are men of stones."

In the best school systems in the world, parents have zero input. Leave it to the professionals!

No Tennessee GOP support for infrastructure bill. Wanna bet those folks will shamelessly take credit for all the benefits brought to our state?

Tennessee legislators want local rule only if it agrees with them.

Thank you, Jim Coppinger, for selflessly and courageously requiring masks during the 2021 pandemic surges. You saved lives. Current state legislators, you will cost lives.

A year ago, energy independence with low gas prices. Now, Dems have flipped it in reverse; same with illegal immigration, personal taxes and crime.

Not vaccinated? Quarantine in Texas — I'll help fund the wall to keep you in, not the illegals out.

Ron Hart: GOP candidates in N.J. and Virginia had a fantastic night, but just to be on the safe side, they need to check under their beds for Clintons before sleeping.

The amounts of nondesignated money floating around counties and cities from the COVID and (soon) infrastructure bills is truly incredible. We are in deep trouble.

I'm not drunk driving in Chattanooga. I'm dodging potholes.

Wamp children revealing their fundraising amounts an attempt to drive away others? Don't fall for it.

If you want to hear pontificating rhetoric that absolutely goes nowhere, listen to Democratic Hamilton County commission members during meetings.

Chattanooga: How many gunshots do we have to hear over drug deals gone bad? With minors? Parents, we hold you accountable for this. Get control.

Thanks so much to Stephen Hargis for the wonderful trip down memory lane. It was beautiful for this forever-Braves fan. God bless the Braves.

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