Republicans stop "recognizing" Liz Cheney, but embrace M.T. Greene and Lauren Boebert. Says a lot about the party.

Inflation, inflation, inflation. Dems got a big problem and no easy answers. Clock is ticking. 2022 not looking good.

How about spending some infrastructure money on new I-75, Exit 14, and new Harrison-Soddy Daisy bridge across the river?

Defying Congress gets Donald Trump free political advertising as he is showing his "base" he is still fighting "the system."

There is a humongous difference between education and indoctrination.

Support illegal families? Why not give that support to our veterans who are ignored for financial and mental health assistance? What a sham.

Take America back. Dump Trump and his mob of traitors and haters; rescue the Grand Old Party he hijacked and replaced with his personal cult.

Record highs for: gas prices, inflation, illegals, crime. How's that Dem in the White House working out for anything better?

Americans: Specifically considering your current circumstances, how important is it to you that families of illegal aliens receive compensation from your tax dollars?

Republicans have hired "Dog the Bounty Hunter" to track down Big Bird for missing his court date on COVID propaganda.

I bet that when the oil companies report profits, they will have soared with their fake shortage.

Where is Kamala? Sidelined on purpose? Turns out she is an epic fail. And that is terrible for all women, R or D.

Shame on Blackburn, Hagerty and Fleischmann for voting against the infrastructure bill. Hope they don't plan to campaign on how they brought money into Tennessee.

Everything today is systemically racist: roads, people, systems, management, education. Just because someone says it doesn't make it so.

Gov. Bill Lee must have stock in funeral homes and hospitals. If so, he is going to make a killing with his new COVID law.

Can't wait until Rep. Chuck Fleischmann shows up at the ribbon-cutting ceremonies for the local infrastructure projects he voted against. Hypocrite.

President Biden, send in a SEAL team to rescue the kidnapped missionaries in Haiti.

Do rural Republican voters understand that every Tennessee GOP representative voted against improved internet access and repair of roads and bridges in rural areas?

The best we can do with federal infrastructure money is to replace bridges owned by railroads? What?

What is the Great Resignation doing to the future of Social Security? Seems like a whole lot of "contributors" won't be contributing.

Whatever happened to our kinder, gentler nation?

Thank you, Mayor Tim Kelly. Recycling is back, and the recycle drivers are now earning a living wage, providing them a decent standard of living.

I agree, Mayor Coppinger. Local governments should assess the need for mask mandates, not the politically motivated governor and legislature, who don't care about us.

Thanks, Mark Kennedy, for the amazing nighttime photograph of downtown Market Street. The bustling streets looks clean and safe. Without a business improvement district!

Our country needs a large helping of the CHI human kindness ads for Thanksgiving dinner.

Hey, Pastor Bo: The Lincoln Project was created to counter the orange scourge. You wanna talk about "bearing false witness," start with that guy.

Poor ol' [Clay] Bennett. No Trump, no material. Washed-up has been. He'll probably vote GOP in the next presidential election.

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