When many people choose to get COVID-19 shots, we call that herd immunity. When people choose to not get shots, that's called thinning the herd.

Biggest RINO in America is Trump, who heads a whole party of RINOS. The old-time, real time GOP is sadly AWOL.

Biden "will pursue tax cheats." However, nonsensically, bureaucratic ineptitude conclusively proves government will never stop and punish fraudsters who salivate with each new social program.

School boards should realize the term "in loco parentis" merely connotes a temporary delegation to educators of supervision, not a parental full surrender thereof.

Yahoo for Tennessee. $7 billion goes to Tennessee for infrastructure and jobs, but guess what? Not one single Tennessee Republican voted for it.

"Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I am free at last." — Britney Spears

Recycling is a proven failure. We need forward-thinking companies and governments to use tested and available additives that help degrade plastics in landfills.

President Biden and President Trump, the lives of 17 kidnapped missionaries in Haiti are more important than any infrastructure deal or stolen election.

Here is a thought: Withhold infrastructure money for districts in which their GOP representatives voted against it. Let them answer to their constituents.

Geez. Volcanic activity can affect the climate. I'm sure the progressives can pass a law banning it. Whew. I feel better already.

Trump supporters disparage Biden for being too old. Trump is no spring chicken either at only four years younger. We need maximum age limits.

Biden publicly spoke on Veterans Day. On behalf of my fellow veterans, I remind him we purposefully fought to preserve democracy, not to advance socialism.

Local third-grade reading proficiency test results appalling. Solution — rigorously teach reading, writing and math only until proficiency achieved. Weekly report to parents. No excuses.

Want to know how Biden's doing? Check your 401k. Mine's up 44% lately. Full employment, record corporate profits, higher Social Security checks. What's not to love?

Does everyone understand that the government does not generate income? It's all your tax dollars, used to pay for entitlements, stimulus plans, healthy nonworkers.

Undocumented immigrants are just "pilgrims" on the road to a better life.

Can we take care of our veterans and elderly people in need before we give some immigrants $450,000?

Ignorance begets banning, and burning books begets ignorance.

Mayor Tim Kelly, my police friends say it's up to you how tough they are on crime. Get tough. It's past time. Look at the numbers.

I've watched UTC football for 50 years. Without a doubt, this was by far the worst coaching job in half a century!

Has Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts ever written an article that isn't about race?

Poor ol' [Clay] Bennett. No Trump, no material. Washed-up has been. He'll probably vote GOP in the next presidential election.

Congratulations to all who could read the reverse type article on Hunter Clowdus in last Sunday's TFP. Newspapers and periodicals should forget about using white type.

The Rant has taught me to put my thoughts into 25 words or less, thus saving on time, energy and noise pollution. Thanks.

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