Kudos to Chattanooga for sponsoring the well-planned, well-attended Ed Johnson Memorial dedication. Inspirational!

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free," (thanks, Lady Liberty). Welcome home, Afghan refugees.

Change is hard, but I bet most people will make the transition from a print paper to the digital version just fine. You are never too seasoned to learn new tricks!

The difference between Biden and Trump is fear. I am not afraid of Biden as president but would be terrified if Trump became president again.

The legal border is closed at Del Rio while thousands of illegals cross freely. Go figure. If Dems can do it upside down, they will.

I don't blame Biden for his inadequate ability to run this country. I blame the uninformed voters who elected him.

Trump's "patriots" are doing their best to destroy democracy. "America Firsters" are anything but patriotic.

TFP headline earlier this week: "Man charged for mishandling a corpse." Isn't that what the Democratic Party has been doing with Joe Biden?

If you're against socialist programs (Social Security, Medicare, etc.), think COVID is a hoax, don't believe climate change is real: 99.9% chance you're a Republican.

GOP is inconsistent: It's a person's choice to take COVID-19 shot but not the right of woman to decide about abortion.

"Build Back Better"... than Joe Biden. Alfred E. Neuman for president, and his campaign slogan should be: "I can't be any worse!"

It's not gun violence. Guns aren't violent. People are violent. Acknowledge that as a first step. Hold people and parents accountable.

It is tragic that a Chatsworth boy was left without both parents due to COVID. The article didn't say whether they were vaccinated.

Show me a Democrat governing effectively at the local, state or national level. Can't find one, can you? Me neither.

Democrats on abortion: It's your body.

HAnds off! Democrats on vaccine: Take the shot or suffer consequences!" So sad!"

What rock has columnist Gene Collier (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) been under? Not all Republicans are rednecks. Intelligent Republicans are fully vaccinated.

While all the military hardware was left behind in Afghanistan, did someone remember to retrieve Biden's personal weapon: a blunderbuss?

Zoom meetings should have closed captioning.

Gen. Milley was protecting this country from a sociopathic, narcissistic lame duck president with the mind of a vindictive 8-year-old. He is a hero.

Tobacco-related deaths exceed COVID- related deaths. Will soapbox politicians address this? Nope. They don't want to lose contributions from Big Tobacco.

CARTA needs to stop printing bus schedules. It should simply buy billboards that say, "We will get there when we get there."

It seems to me that a lot of cars need their blinker fluid checked and refilled.

I'm going to miss my free doggie bags and window washing newsprint. RIP print era.

Mayor Kelly + budget passed + property tax increase = pot holes fixed?

Seven women shot, two killed. This is insane. Someone knows something. Spill it. This cannot go on.

I dropped my wallet at Lowe's. A customer later found it and turned it in. All cash and credit cards were there — nothing was missing!

If you USE seat belts, are you living in fear? If you wear sunscreen, are you living in fear? Smart living is NOT living in fear.

Roses are red, I wish I was in bed, I stink at poetry, Coffee.

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