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Tell former Sen. Bob Corker this is what a kindergarten White House looks like.

Ryder Cup: Positive display of courtesy, integrity and patriotism. Are you watching NFL, NBA and BLM?

I would not want these Democrats in charge of my finances.

Afghanistan: The Defense Department blames the State Department, and vice versa. Please tell us again, Joe, where does the buck stop?

Middle-class taxpayers visit FEMA and sign up for disaster relief caused by executive orders from the Biden administration: "Government is here to help."

The curse that our FBI has become is evident in the complete lack of morals about our beloved Olympic athletes.

Biden reversed all of Trump's policies. Why did he think he was obligated to follow Trump's policy of troop withdrawal in Afghanistan?

The Democrats' proposed tax increases on only those making more than $400,000 is the real big lie. Everyone of us will be taxed.

When Dollar Tree goes over a dollar, everyone will realize we have big inflation. Can't avoid seeing it.

Don Jr. prefers Dog the Bounty Hunter to the FBI and reality TV over responsible government. The essence of Trumpism. Totally nuts.

I know a number of Democrats who have buyers' remorse after voting for Joe Biden.

People who refuse to get vaccinated are like gamblers who would bet on a horse with two broken legs and no jockey to ride it.

Like your physician, you can keep him. No new taxes for middle America with new build plan. All lies, proven false. Coming from the same party.

Does Tucker Carlson really believe what he says about the "white replacement theory," or does he just want people to watch his show?

Where is Kamala? Not working at border, not deterring massive group coming from Panama, not reversing her position on promoting vaccine. She's on vacation.

200,000 illegal crossings per month, no background checks, no COVID checks, while millions of U.S. taxpayers struggle to make it. End game — Democratic votes.

Doubt the media, to include the TFP, will acknowledge it, but Biden is the best thing Trump has going for him.

For goodness sake, stop the overbuilding in North Chattanooga. One day, it's all going to slide down the slopes into the river.

Kudos to Hamilton County Commissioner Sabrena Smedley for keeping her cool when many about her want to race-bait the decennial redistricting process.

I hope the Hamilton County district attorney's race in 2022 has lots of candidates — not just the flawed incumbent and a Wamp.

Thank you to the TFP for the new carrier delivering my paper. I don't have to move my car anymore. This is good while it lasts.

How sad not to have our daily TFP newspaper in hand to start our day after all these years.

Tuesday's Free Press editorial cartoon of a plane nosediving into the ground took my breath away. Before I read the caption, I thought Flight 93. Not appropriate.

I am over 70 and look forward to a digital TFP. We will still have the Sunday paper to browse through with a cup or two of coffee.

One million seconds equals 11.6 days; 1 trillion seconds equals 31,709 years; the U.S. national debt is $29 trillion. Do something about it!

You can give a man a fish and then teach him to fish, you know. And it's a lot easier to learn how to fish when you're not starving.

The FACEBOOK outage dealt a huge blow to independent vaccine research.

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