Calling special state legislative session, pretending this can override federal laws and orders, is pure political theater. Run for Drama Club president next time.

Why must super expensive federal budget proposals have to be talked down instead of starting with a super low proposal and justifying any increases?

How long would you listen to a salesman who told you, "Folks, this deal won't cost you one cent?" before slamming the door?

Why are Democrats so quick to praise those who attack America and eager to attack those who praise America?

In my opinion, the best way to improve race relations is to quit talking about it.

No one — no one — has provided the first shred of evidence that the election was stolen from Trump. Why are you swallowing this garbage?

Unquestionably the dumbest question ever asked of a member of Congress: "Will that be cash or charge?"

What the Jan. 6 committee needs to realize is this: When you open a can of worms, the worms must be forced onto the hook. Force these clowns to testify or stop wasting tax dollars.

Republican Party helps the rich, yet think they are more Christian than the Democratic Party that wants to help the poor.

If Donald Trump represents the future of the Republican Party, then the GOP doesn't have a very long life expectancy.

Biden says the buck stops with him. Nevertheless, because of him, I don't have enough bucks to buy the same groceries I used to.

If Trump and Biden are our country's best, God help our country. If Pinkston and Wamp are our county's best, God help our county.

One day in April 1861. One day in December 1941. One day in August 1945. One day in September 2001. And, "one day in January."

Biden and the Democrats claim the middle class will not see a tax increase. They are responsible for the rising inflation which is a tax on everybody.

How to do it wrong: Ignore numbers, open borders, leave Americans behind, investigate everyone, lie about taxes, pay people to stay home, dumb down education.

Gov. Abbott of Texas takes seriously the "pen is mightier than the sword" as he has signed anti-abortion and anti-vaccine bills into law.

What makes anti-vaxxers think it is OK for them to overwhelm our medical facilities with avoidable health crises? I hope they pay bigly.

To understand Joe Manchin, D-Fossil Fuels, and Kyrsten Sinema, D-Pharma, you have to look closely at their constituencies.

If we had a good above-ground pipeline completed, oil wouldn't be spilling into the ocean.

Chattanooga is ranked the fifth most dangerous city in the country? Detroit is safer than we are? Not good. Leadership, take notice.

Since Marjorie Taylor Greene is so appreciate of veterans and their service, could her well-funded campaign pony up the $65 cost of each Rossville wreath?

No cashiers at Walmart by year's end; only self checkout. Soon, customers will have to unload trucks. Bye, Wally. I'm breaking up with you.

How can higher taxes and more entitlements lead to revival for our nation? Look at Europe. No growth. Debt burdens. Huge taxes. Less safety and security.

If a business can require a job applicant to take a drug test, can't it require a COVID vaccine?

I guess city leaders and residents can interpret the silence from the Grove Street shooting as an indicator of how serious the community is about gun violence.

Biden's Build Better Back agenda for families is paid for by making corporations and billionaires pay a fair tax. That's how it should be.

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