Rest in peace, Gen. Powell. A great American patriot, national security advisor, chairman of joint chiefs and secretary of state. A good man.

Trump disparaged Colin Powell and John McCain after their deaths. The man has absolutely no human decency. Never did.

Joe is confused about when to wear a mask. It's inside, not outside. With people, not alone on Zoom. His puppeteer was on break, obviously.

In early January, some folks said it's better when one party controls both Congress and the White House. Wonder if they still believe that today?

The Republican Party (local, state and national) desperately needs more Colin Powells and less Trump and his ilk.

Maybe Biden would see things differently if he personally had to pay for housing, food, gas, etc., like the rest of us.

The Democratic Party doesn't fix problems. They tax and give away your money. Think about it. They just make dependents of whomever they can find.

House and Senate very balanced, yet policies move very far left. We will fix that in the next two elections.

Pete and Kamala, where are you? Why aren't you doing your jobs? We notice.

Republicans believe in giving a hand up, not a hand out. Jobs not entitlements, freedom not government bondage. All with responsibility, accountability. That's mere Christianity.

I would gladly forgo the 5.9% raise proposed for Social Security recipients if the economy would return to the pre-Biden era.

The Democratic Party is obsessed with race and gender and does not have common sense about foreign policy and financial matters.

Many public servants and heroes have served until now without the vaccine, so get off their cases. They obviously know what they are doing. Freedom.

Even Barack Obama has said open borders are not sustainable.

Those companies which deserve a union usually have one.

A woman purposely injures a child and gets 25 years. Our governors purposely deny COVID mandates, causing certain illness and deaths, then run for re-election.

No need to teach critical race theory. Just teach American history without leaving anything out.

Econ 101: Raise taxes on businesses, which increase their prices, then pass that increase along to consumers. What don't you get here? Don't believe otherwise.

Hakeem, your district has one of worst vaccine records. Why don't you work on that instead of limiting everyone's freedom?

Grove Street: If you won't fight crime, then expect more of same. We have no patience with this. Police should vacate the premises.

Rhonda Thurman, the "books you want to ban" just describe the lives our kids are living. So are you trying to "ban their lives?"

Bottle-projectile- throwing Vols fans: If you can't mask-up to protect from COVID, at least consider masking to hide your identity from surveillance cameras.

Hillbilly Mardi Gras. A Knoxville college football event. Where boozed-up fans abandon beads and necklaces and throw deadly glass and plastic bottles at strangers.

Two Chattanoogas. Saturday's events: 1) Black community struggles to raise $10,000 reward for recent shootings and killings, 2) $15 million auto auction happens blocks away.

Be proud of who, and what, you are. Never be ashamed of something you cannot control. Avoid and ignore anyone who tells you different.

MANCHIN isn't concerned about climate spending costs. He's concerned about his own family's coal companies and huge donations he receives from the fossil-fuel industry.

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