Tennessee may be near the bottom insofar as higher education levels go, but we're near the top in COVID cases per capita. Probably a coincidence.

Please don't buy and take ivermectin. My dog has worms and needs it more than you.

How many people didn't get vaccinated and died because conservative talk radio host Phil Valentine said the vaccine could cause heart attacks and paralysis?

The feud over whether to mandate masks and vaccinations reminds me of the ethical conundrum over the words "pro-choice" or "pro-life."

What in the heck does a board-certified ophthalmologist (Rand Paul) know about infectious diseases? Answer. Nothing.

If science is wrong, you may be inconvenienced awhile by wearing a mask. If the "individualists" are wrong, you may be hospitalized or dead. Easy choice.

All of the people who refuse to take the COVID vaccine and wear masks should be refused admission to hospitals instead of concerts.

Twelve Marines and one Navy corpsman died helping others reach freedom. Semper fidelis and anchors away!

Freedom without responsibility is anarchy.

We were right to go into Afghanistan; however, we should have left as soon as bin Laden was eliminated.

Due to the Afghanistan situation, Biden needs to remove the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and heads of the DOD and the State Department, or suffer in 2022 and 2024.

World leaders and even the Taliban condemned the bombings in Kabul. Shameful Republicans condemned Biden.

Why are the Dems boasting about the largest airlift in history? It's nothing to brag about. It should have never come down to this!

Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn is calling on Biden and Harris to resign. So you want Pelosi to be president? Is that what you're saying?

Democrats always take credit for deeds done but never acknowledge failures like the exit from Afghanistan.

Joseph Robinette Biden. His initials (JRB) describe his presidency perfectly. J.ust R.eally

Trump's victory in 2024 was assured when Biden left Americans behind in Afghanistan.

The Gulf of Mexico is three to five degrees above normal, fueling monster storms like Ida. Global warming is absolutely real.

Seems to me that Joe Biden has more puppeteers pulling his strings than Howdy Doody ever did.

Still a lot of Trump yard signs. Haven't seen many for Biden. Guilt by disassociation?

People, if we cannot trust ourselves to tell each other the truth, get ready to learn China's communist language.

Seabiscuit says: Silly rednecks. Ivermectin is for horses. But I guess some people do not have any horse sense. LOL.

Our governor and county mayor need grow a pair about mask-wearing in schools and not worry about re-election.

Columnist David Cook asks, "What are they afraid of?" I ask, "What aren't right-wingers afraid of?" Fear is their emotion of choice.

We need Metro recycling. Since the county only takes limited plastic now, way too much is going to the landfill.

Commissioner Sabrena Smedley hasn't taken a vaccine because she's "not wanting to take medicine," but bet she had her kids vaccinated as children.

Thank you to Memorial Hospital for demonstrating concern for our community by requiring vaccines for all employees, staff and volunteers. Other local hospitals?

BLM: Defund police. CPD: Eliminates 25 positions. Local activists: "Half-hearted," "piecemeal," "empty promises." Public: Rolls eyes.

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