We came together after 9/11 because the enemy was "them." However, after the pandemic, we split apart because the enemy is "us."

Texas Republicans' pro-birth advocacy will be put to the test in nine months. How much financial support will there be for those babies?

The Texas Taliban have robbed women virtually of all their rights.

Wonder how long it will take for Dem states to follow the Texas model and go after gun rights? Seems like a reasonable thing to do.

For an area that's mostly pro-life, why don't more folks get their COVID shots and mask up?

Will college athletes now feel obliged to repay the taxpayers for the free coaching, training facilities and playing venues they used in public schools?

FakeBook, Twitter and other censoring social media propagandists are for people who prefer being told what they can say and what they can see.

Republicans pushed spending and wasting trillions of our tax dollars in Afghanistan. They are now against investing trillions in our own country. Go figure.

Critical Race Theory? All brother MLK asked for was "to be judged by the content of his character and not the color of his skin."

Congress: Start fixing the Social Security crisis now! Eliminating the maximum taxable earnings limit will be a good start. Get busy and earn your pay.

Democrats are weak. Republicans are nuts. Translation: America is screwed.

Southern border crisis, rising goods prices, devaluation of the dollar, bungled Afghanistan exit, and Democrats believe they will hold on to Congress next year?

Marines' credo: "Leave no man behind." Where does our commander-in-chief stand on that concerning the remaining Americans and allies in Afghanistan?

Biden irresponsibly blames others, Kamala smells the flowers in Singapore, Clay Bennett mocks a former football player and, meanwhile, human beings are dying in Afghanistan.

Comedians gave us "You Can't Fix Stupid," and we laughed. Tennessee legislators are proving it is true, and it's so not funny.

I wish Sen. Marsha Blackburn had been as willing to hold Donald Trump accountable as she is Joe Biden.

If you don't think COVID is real, or believe it is a hoax, talk to a long-hauler who will have to lug oxygen around forever.

It doesn't matter where COVID came from or how it got started. It's here killing people, so get the vaccine and wear a mask.

Got vaccinated. Wear uncomfortable masks. Distance everywhere. Husband of 50 years, children, grandchildren and friends are worth it. Are yours, or is it all about you?

Enforce the "No trucks left lane" at the Ridge Cut. Both up and down.

Well, BlueCross and Memorial got a deal together. In the nick of time. Who would have thunk it?

State or city: Level the dip at Exit 320 from Highway 153 to East Brainerd Road.

On Labor Day, I got pulled over by a cop who gave me a breathalyzer. It registered positive for the presence of barbecue.

We have a beautiful new highway through our downtown. Egotistical, idiot vandals are defacing it with graffiti. Can nothing be done to stop them?

The Tennessee Press Association confirmed the finest newspaper in Tennessee is the Chattanooga Time Free Press. I am thankful every time I read my paper.

The Koch brothers still own a lot of real estate, but their best investment may be the Manchin they bought in West Virginia.

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