Disney World knows how to move people efficiently and safely. Mickey Mouse could have executed the evacuation of Kabul better than Biden.

Let me see if I have this straight: If Republicans win, it is legitimate. If they lose, it was stolen. Really?

If Biden says he is following Trump's order to leave Afghanistan, why is he not following Trump's order regarding the Mexican border?

Question: What do Northwest Georgia and Northwest Colorado have in common? Answer: Both congressional representatives are stark raving lunatics.

Is anything going right for the country? COVID? Crime? Border? International respect? Inflation? Taxes? Leadership? Entitlements? Blame belongs to politicians. Vote them out. Top down.

If you are concerned with climate change, demand China, Russia, Vietnam, India meet USA standards, not for the USA to pay higher taxes.

We are in decline: economically, globally, financially, morally, technically, in health, education, independence, accountability. All due to poor leadership at the top. Thank a Dem.

Attempting to destroy history only creates future ignorance of a people and anger for all. In the end, history is still the same.

Basic science. Something thrown in air without wind flutters down close by. Same thrown with wind travels further faster, including COVID. Need vaccine, masks, distancing!

More children shot in Chicago than have died from COVID in the entire country. Where is the outrage, coverage, mandates, interest? It's all politically based.

Hospitals gorged with unvaccinated COVID-19 patents. Others suffering, dying, can't get care; hospitals overwhelmed with unvaccinated! Insurance companies shouldn't cover unvaccinated patients' COVID-19 care! Their choice!

It is not a lie to inform people of COVID-19 changes. At different stages, pandemics require additional precautions. Let's get smart!

It is too bad that in the South, the enthusiasm for college football could not be channeled to enthusiasm for getting the COVID-19 vaccinations.

Fear the virus, not the vaccination!

Texas Taliban? Ayatollah Biden has decreed that all subjects must and will be vaccinated. All citizens of the USA have lost their rights.

Solution for differing opinions about children masking in school: two classrooms per grade — one masked and one unmasked. Separate lunches (unmasked in room) and separate recesses.

From distrust to stubbornness to ignorance to malice against their families, children and communities. Cancer grows.

Unmasked Gov. Lee showed unconscionable disregard for elementary students' health by interacting with unvaccinated kids. Vaccinated adults can still carry and spread COVID. Politics first!

The combination of a spoiled rich kid as mayor and a rubber stamp city council is a hazard to the fiscal health of city homeowners.

By the looks of things, Democratic [officially nonpartisan] Mayor Kelly has things in control, unlike other Democratic officials of the state and nation.

Too many East Ridge motorists think of stop signs as merely a suggestion, not a law; need better enforcement.

Disappointed and sad. Impersonal iPads will never replace the pleasure your faithful readers have received from their daily newspapers. You will especially disappoint senior citizens.

Nasty messages on Facebook (mostly political), followed by a sweet Bible verse about loving one another. What a great picture of a Christian.

Texas: Where a virus has reproductive rights, and a woman doesn't.

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