Chattanooga is fortunate to have a great daily newspaper. If transitioning to iPads enables TFP to survive and thrive, we should support it.

The day the paper stops its newsprint edition will be the day I stop my subscription. Good luck.

Joe, if I were actually to say what I think of your presidency, my momma would wash my mouth out with the harshest soap available.

Biden has had so much Middle Eastern sand kicked in his face, not even Charles Atlas could help him.

My concern isn't that Gen. Milley contacted the Chinese. It's that he needed to because of an unhinged president.

Isn't it incredible that Democrats and liberals believe fences don't work at the Southern border but they do around the Capitol building?

Biden's reckless policies have diminished the American dream and decimated the USA. Liberals are complicit if they continue to vote Democrat and feed this beast.

Trump and his Big Lie myth need to go. We are moving on.

How do you like seeing Afghan soldiers in U.S. uniforms with our military equipment? Joe, are you watching? It's despicable.

We must elect better people.

There is a new word to describe when a politician loses an election; you just tell them, "You got Trumped."

Schools and businesses don't keep their rules and policies a secret. If you don't want to follow them, quit your whining and go somewhere else!

How can a nonprofit that received tax benefits to serve the public good and has no owners be sold to a for-profit? Hospice of Chattanooga, explain.

Conservatives say the problem is Christianity isn't taught in schools. The real problem is Christianity isn't taught in church.

Masks, mask mandates, no mandates, people arrested, people jailed, demonstrations, politicians arguing; COVID 2021? No, it was the 1918 flu pandemic.

New Tennessee license plate design irony: Bottom of plate says "TNVACATION.COM," which at a glance looks like "TNVACCINATION.COM.

Aren't the reasons people are rejecting COVID-19 vaccines, i.e., short testing time, fetal stem cells, the same reasons they should be rejecting monoclonal antibody treatments?

If I were Marjorie Taylor Greene, I wouldn't believe in evolution either.

When it comes to my health and well-being, I trust my doctor. Not politicians. Not preachers. Not internet and TV charlatans.

I have been voluntarily vaccinated (why not?) and believe everyone should be. But I don't believe anyone should be dictatorially forced to do so.

Vaccine mandates? Then they should include the voting booth too. No vax, no vote? Lets see if the Democrats support that!

Vandergiff Park in Hixson has a popular playground and pavilion. I dislike picking up your trash before my children play. Please use trash cans provided.

Chattanooga and East Ridge are shaking us down for more taxes. Let's vote these deep-pocketed politicians out. This old cow is milk dry.

"Chattanooga" did not lynch Ed Johnson; heartless people did. We should not blame the entire city with that headline.

The person(s) in charge of the downtown traffic lights needs to come out of their cave and go to work. Traffic flow stinks. Do something about it!

Thank you to all the Public Works employees who kept the Moon River festival grounds spotless. Your hard work did not go unnoticed.

When I get up in the morning, my digital TFP is never late, never wet and available in town or around the world.

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