Will Smith first laughed at the joke before he slapped Chris Rock, so did he slap Chris Rock for himself or for his wife?

Mr. Biden's bravado can be summed up as "Big Hat, No Cattle."

Here's a novel idea: Don't let Joe speak about really important topics. No more dangerous gaffes, embarrassing misspeaks or proofs of impairment. Same for Kamala.

Putin is embodiment of characters Dorothy meets in "The Wizard of Oz." Scarecrow wants brains, Tinman seeks heart and Cowardly Lion desires courage.

Brian Kemp is not a "complete disaster," as Trump called him, because he stopped Trump from stealing the 2020 election.

Nixon had his 18 minutes of missing tape and resigned; therefore, Trump's seven hours of missing phone logs should mean that he can't be president.

Oh, let Donald have his hole-in-one. He absolutely must have something to brag about. Occasionally something real, even.

Having watched Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee question Judge Jackson leads me to conclude that the adage is correct: "Ignorance is bliss."

Bring back all of Trump's policies but not Trump. Period. Plenty of other options for the top spot. Never Joe. Please.

So Joe has 40+ years experience. Can't see it. Kamala has zero political experience. Both disastrous. This the best the Dems have?

For those of you who believe Tucker Carlson supports Putin, please watch his program. You've been told, and accepted a lie.

Why do Republicans seem so scared of truth, history and progress?

Clarence Thomas's wife urged overthrowing our election in 29 messages with Mark Meadows. Judge Thomas then moved to suppress that information. Republicans call that "patriotism."

Everybody doesn't like somebody, but nobody doesn't like Judge Jackson.

How many Ukrainians will die while Rand Paul selfishly stalls American funding for their defense? Their blood is on his hands.

Send Dog the Bounty Hunter after Putin; after his capture, they will pray with him and offer him a cigarette.

Out of one side of her mouth, Marjorie Greene wants to keep communism out of the USA. Out of the other side, she praises Putin.

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. Do you really want to overturn the 1965 Supreme Court ruling legalizing birth control access (e.g. the pill, diaphragm)? Political theater?

Transgendered kids have enough agony and heartbreak without a bunch of men and women who don't know them passing laws against them.

Chris Wallace, commenting on resigning from his last job, is correct. Opinions, left and right, are just fine. Lies are not.

Mariupol theater wasn't the first. In 2002, Russia gassed the Debrovka theater to rescue hostages. Instead, they killed 40 hostage-takers and 130 hostages.

Does anyone know what North Carolina's GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn wants to be when he grows up?

Biden pretentiously always has "a plan" (with no specifics), so specifically what is his "plan" to see to it that Putin "cannot remain in power"?

Mark one for mayor : [ ] Hullander, [ ] Wamp, [ ] Smedley, [ x ] none of above.

Lamenting the loss of my morning newspaper, I will find solace watching videos of myself reading my old friend while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Hey, weather readers (meteorologists): Can you do a show without saying the word likely? I think not.

Could someone please empty the aluminum can recycle bin behind Loftis school? Been overflowing for a year!

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