Why should citizens have to pay for a new baseball stadium and then have to pay to get in?

Will Smith proved that chivalry is not dead. Chris Rock proved that he's a jerk.

Everyone should skip watching the Academy Awards next year. They should accept Will's apology and resignation and move on.

Why is the Secret Service paying $30,000 a month to protect Hunter Biden in a rented Malibu mansion?

Just over a year ago, the U.S. was energy independent, borders secure, no inflation, low crime, high employment, lower entitlements. Oh, for the good ole days.

Shame on the media for colluding with Dems that Hunter's laptop was Russia disinformation when, in fact, it exposes Biden family to bribery, collusion, extortion.

Mr. President, why are you letting illegals cross our borders? To what end? Don't turn your face.

Sometimes I wonder if our federal lawmakers have a clue about what their constituents really want. They prioritize the wrong issues.

Surely Trump's campaign ads for [David] Purdue are helping [Gov. Brian] Kemp's efforts to win re-election.

I share Trump's political philosophies, but his endorsement of David Perdue is as idiotic as Kemp's selection of Kelly Loeffler was.

Is the reason Trump persists in claiming the last election was stolen from him [because] his own victory was stolen by him? Just curious.

Putin can be removed from office with a $50 million bounty. We offered way less for OBL and Zawahiri. They're all the same.

Want to get rid of Putin? Make sure he loses Ukraine.

What are we going to do when China invades Taiwan? Get a second mortgage on our house?

Why in the world would the right-side editorial cite statistics from a poll taken at a Marsha Blackburn town hall. Surprise! Near unanimity!

Why do we continue to let Chuck Fleischmann stand in the way of any progress on anything? No to infrastructure and no to limit the cost of medicines?

There needs to be an ordinance that campaign signs cannot be installed until 30 days before the election.

Don't be fooled by Wamp 2.0. He's been in politics since he was knee-high to his daddy's britches leg. I remember.

I was going to vote for Matt Hullander until I saw on TV that he is running against President Biden.

Not convinced that Sabrena isn't one of the good ole boys. Eight years on the commission probably makes her so.

Candidates Wamp, Smedley, Hullander and Adams: Will you commit Hamilton County resources to help Chattanooga fight the "homeless" problem? It is one of your cities.

Weston, keep hands on the wheel and eyes on the road when you are "driving" during your ads on TV. Sets a good example!

Mr. Hullander, what do you mean about living within our means? Cutting social programs? Or eliminating tax-deferred programs for developers?

How many jury trials/divorce cases have the candidates for Judge Hollingsworth's seat tried as chief counsel? Experience is more important than political endorsements.

How come there are no BLM protests for the six Black people gunned down in Sacramento?

A simple question for all U.S consumers: Were you better off a year ago than now?

Sad: the high percentage of people choosing to not have "In God We Trust" on their new Tennessee license plates.

I talk to myself so I can get an honest, reasonable answer from myself — much better than these so-called fellow humans.

We will do better when we all do better.

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