Put the aggressive D.C. fox together with Biden's dog, Major, and you wouldn't have to call in the National Guard to protect D.C.

Disney, you will regret forsaking traditional family and scientific genders. We will no longer support your wokeness with our dollars. We are the majority.

The TFP's weekly "What didn't happen last week" segment might consider changing its name to "Latest highly improbable right-wing lies."

Obama begat Trump begat Biden. Why don't we elect who is best for the country instead of reactionary choices? We've suffered enough.

What's next? Transgenders in girls' and women's volleyball and softball? How does this advance the empowerment of girls and women?

Biden said he wouldn't raise taxes but causing inflation is a tax on everyone, even the 56% that pay no tax. Way to go, Joe.

Republicans filed out while the applause for Judge Jackson was ongoing. Since when is intentional disrespect considered statesmanship?

Police wouldn't have to worry about the release of body cam tapes if they just did the right thing from the beginning.

You have to wonder what kind of people the Russian soldiers will be after their atrocities. They will not go back to normal.

Josh Hawley voted against Ukraine relief and then complained it was going too slow. Do his constituents recognize his hypocrisy?

Is the rest of the world just waiting until Russia kills every Ukrainian who hasn't fled their country? Why don't we stop this?

If Bush could go to Iraq and Obama to Afghanistan, why can't Biden go to the Ukraine?

People blame everything that's wrong in our country on Joe Biden and totally ignore the fact that most of it has been caused by the pandemic.

When a politician calls for action, all that means is they wrote letters. Doesn't really address issues. Just sounds like it. Enforce/pass laws instead.

Is MTG an idiot, mentally challenged or just willfully ignorant? Any of those disqualify her for public office. She makes us all look bad.

I voted for Marjorie Taylor Greene simply because she was a woman. I am so ashamed of her. I won't make that mistake again!

It was your personal decision. Live with it. I will not be held responsible for your student debt! You can't have my tax dollars.

I am convinced Biden is afraid of Putin.

No longer a COVID emergency, no need for Title 42. Low unemployment, yet students can't pay back loans? C'mon, man, you must believe all this.

I have friends and relatives across the nation who pity me because my representative in Congress is Marjorie Taylor Greene. She is a daily embarrassment.

So disgusted. Contributed to candidates of my choice. Next thing: requests for more, more and more money, and requests from others I don't even know.

Wamp says he didn't inherit a job. Daddy being a congressman didn't hurt. Hullander, what does Biden have to do with being Hamilton County mayor?

Sabrena Smedley isn't one of "the good, old boys"; however, she is one of "the good, old politicians" with eight years on the county commission.

Matt Hullander will not get my vote. He makes snide comments about other politicians and spouts political fluff to cover up lack of experience and integrity.

Never seen or heard so many candidates not answer direct questions. Good grief, this is going to be a popularity contest after all!

About columnist David Cook's epiphanic column last Sunday: If then, why not earlier?

Would so love to read the bottom two lines of many TFP articles.

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