Chris Rock proved that class is not dead. Will Smith proved he is a "Class A" jerk, and the Academy agreed.

The key to solving the "homeless problem" is mental health care: dealing with the reasons for being homeless and then having a home.

Criminals will always have guns, legally or illegally. Lock up repeat offenders. Period. Stats prove crime will drop. Just do it.

Tennessee is against immigrant children, transgender children and books. What is Tennessee for?

Any politician (pick one): "Gun violence is out of control. We must do something before ... blah blah blah blah blah blah."

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukraine's leader, is Jewish. Why isn't Israel helping Ukraine fight Russia?

Thank you, Joe, for your stellar handling of our Southern border.

Why don't I remember Republicans' anger towards George W. Bush when gas prices were higher?

A timely question: How should those who work and pay taxes feel about Biden giving the money to those who don't?

I'm thinking of becoming an extreme hypocrite and pathological liar. It seems to work for Republicans.

If you are in politics and don't want accountability for anything, just say it's "due to Putin price hikes." It's the end-all explanation for everything.

Donald Trump says he is the most honest person God ever created. Which is the biggest lie Donald Trump ever told.

Biden's poll numbers are in the gutter, but I won't be surprised if the GOP snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.

Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, et al., have to be in a pinch now. They don't know how to take their wins and be happy. They will overshoot and lose.

It's the economy, stupid. Whoever sits in the White House gets the blame or the credit.

Why is a Saudi Arabian prince giving Trump's son-in-law $2 billion?

I don't agree with everything Trump says/does, but he was right about a Southern border wall. Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if Trump were president.

Kamala Harris, our vice president, is prone to sudden outbursts of laughter to avoid answering questions of importance.

Hillsdale College, please stop sending me unsolicited propaganda. My mailbox is tired of seeing your name.

Children are listening! TV commercials about erectile dysfunction are shown when children are getting ready for school or bed.

Hamilton County candidates: If you don't actively go to church, you don't get my vote. Who are you accountable to?

So many political know-it-alls on the Rant: I wonder why they don't all run for president and solve the world problems.

Waiting on Lookouts owners/investors to state publicly how much they are putting into the grand plan for a new stadium and related development. Waiting ...

Note to Matt [Hullander]: Forget about Biden. Trump administration was also dysfunctional. And uncivil. Stay local. Geez.

County mayor's race is a three-way nail-biter. You know this because the TV ads are everywhere. Does money buy everything? It will for one.

At least 47 members of Congress and their spouses own up to $6.7 million worth of defense contractor stocks. This is a huge problem.

When Russia sanctioned Canada, it banned all of its political leaders. But when it sanctioned the U.S., it barred Democratic leaders only. Not a single Republican. Interesting.

Early voting turnout seems really low. Please vote! There is too much at stake for us to sit this one out. Vote.

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