Macron beat Le Pen in the French election by 5.5 million votes. According to Trump's figuring, Le Pen won by a landslide.

Will Biden become the second elected president not to get his party's nomination for re-election, joining the ostracized Franklin Piece (1853-1857)?

If Donald Trump's "My Kevin" becomes speaker of the House, the title should be changed to "Liar of the House" or "Wimp of the House."

Taking his cue from Nero, who blamed Christians for the fire, Biden simply blames everyone (else) for everything.

There is so much gun violence in the USA. We have the best country and there are those who want to destroy what we have.

To the Ranter who couldn't remember the Republicans' anger toward George W. Bush when gas prices were higher: Do you remember Jimmy Carter's gas lines?

Hope is a transitory word; we were hoping Biden would not get elected, but he did, so we now have Biden's hidden tax increase via inflation.

Russia says NATO is fighting a proxy war in Ukraine. It is right because NATO is supplying bullets and weapons to Ukraine.

Trump says Prince Harry is "whipped." That means he treats his wife as an equal. Tell them how it's supposed to work, Donald.

Biden setting records: inflation rate, immigration rate, crime rate, poverty rates, COVID rates, left-behind rates. Way to go, Joe.

Given MTG's severe memory lapses, coupled with her inability to differentiate between right and wrong, perhaps her immediate resignation would best serve her constituency.

Bible: Sins of the father shan't be visited on the son, nor sins of the sons be visited on the father. Hunter/Jared solely responsible.

A recent ranter was right. Russia would not have invaded Ukraine if Trump were president. Trump would have given Ukraine to his genius buddy Putin.

'Tis staggering that Joe Biden still has supporters.

Why not build a new civic and convention center on the Wheland Foundry site? Everyone in the region would benefit.

I agree about the unsolicited propaganda from Hillsdale College. I have never heard of it, but evidently the school has heard of me.

Held my nose yesterday as I early voted in the Republican primary for mayor and district attorney. Picked the least objectionable.

OK, Ranters. There will never, ever be enough money in any municipal budget to fix all road problems. Get over it. Go drive up north.

"I'm not a politician," says Matt Hullander. What is the next line? "But I wanna be one."

When Weston announced his candidacy for county mayor, it was clear his campaign would be more entertaining than Netflix. And no monthly fee!

Would love to know how many Democrats are pulling GOP ballots in this election. And will it make a difference? Crossover power. Use it.

This country is divided enough without [Chattanooga Times opinion page contributing columnist] Leonard Pitts adding his two cents.

Elon, for your next purchase, consider The Associated Press. Maybe see unbiased news in TFP.

Many lament the fact that comments to TFP cartoons are no longer accepted.

Some of us Ranters are elected officials. We don't just mouth off, we served, got things done. That's why we know that Joe's just incompetent.

To rant is divine. To be silent is worse.

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