Thank you, President Biden, for the four free COVID tests that my family received today in the mail.

The appointment to the Supreme Court should be based on qualifications, not gender and race. How ironic the Supreme Court is ruling on affirmative action.

Moving up: inflation, gas prices, crime, illegals, lawlessness, empty shelves, government mandates. What's changed in one year alone?

Why would you pick a Supreme Court candidate based on race and sex? Isn't that discrimination? Shouldn't you nominate the most qualified? Smartest?

Mr. Biden: I put fuel in the car to go to work, and then I work to pay for your inflated fuel costs.

Kid Rock would be Tennessee's version of Marjorie Taylor Greene if he ran for Congress.

Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema represent the people. Not the party. Thank God.

Sounds like Florida has had a bad case of RD — Reptile Dysfunction.

I believe honesty was the first casualty of the Trump administration. Republicans haven't just accepted dishonesty as strategy; they've adopted it, and it's working.

When it comes to widespread public approval, lately Biden has been losing more frequently than the opponents of the Harlem Globetrotters.

Will QAnon now believe that Novak Djokovic was deported from Australia just so Rafael Nadal would win?

Why do people who claim to support our way of life get their news from a foreign company like FOX News?

Joe, get to the border. See it with your own eyes. Count the ankle bracelets being released, the single young men. Released near you? Nope.

Get rid of all socialism! Dismantle the military, police, infrastructure, central government, public education, Social Security, Medicare, water/forest management. It's all socialist!

Pete, name one transportation venue working successfully. Freighters? Nope. Airlines? Nope. Railroads? Nope. Truckers? Nope. What about bridges, interstate conditions? What's your job?

What about our territorial integrity, Kamala? You say we will protect the Ukraine's but not our own borders. Is this a really, really bad joke?

Trespass, unarmed, the U.S. Capitol. Get solitary confinement. Cross into U.S. illegally, go free, no COVID test, relocate to interior. Isn't this upside-down?

If President Biden stood up to Putin and attacked the Russian troops on Ukraine's border, would Trump and the Republicans support him?

Diversity over competency? Race over qualifications? Gender over experience? Ideals over reputation? Never for any of these. But just watch next SCOTUS candidate selection.

Had Biden been the captain of the Titanic, he'd have blamed the iceberg.

Pay at counter, pick up order at counter, and they request a tip before order is prepared. Is this extortion to assure food quality?

People against vaccine mandates are telling government to stay out of their body. Same for abortion rights. My body, my choice, SCOTUS.

Our two mayors and state legislators should agree to the $7.3 million to clean up the foundry site, then go from there.

Has the McMinn County school board ever watched the film "Schindler's List"? Apparently not.

As a teenager, if I heard a book was being banned by my school, I would find a way to get a copy.

Good on Spotify for not letting Neil Young blackmail the streaming service.

Trump "resonated" with the American voter? No, Ron Hart. They were outwitted by a con artist who hosted a reality show for 14 years.

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