Please don't return to Clintons, Trumps, Kamalas, Pelosis or Obamas for any candidacy. We are done with them. There are better, younger leaders.

Dear Jill Biden, when people don't have to pay for college, they don't care if they pass or fail without any skin in the game.

The NAACP should file a lawsuit against President Biden for keeping Vice President Harris hidden away. We haven't seen or heard from her.

Delusional cult leader admits trying to overthrow election and would pardon violent seditionists. Why are millions OK with this?

Democratic socialists fear an enemy that is not there except when they look in the mirror.

Why do so many Republicans coddle communist dictators (Xi, Un, Putin) while labeling the Democrats as communists? What nonsense.

Obama and Biden show international incompetence after years in public office. Just look at Georgia, Crimea, Afghanistan and now Ukraine. Not competent leadership.

Trump, let it go. You lost in a fair election. You have lied and cheated your whole life. Just man up and stop dividing our country.

Why is the only good thing Biden boosters can say about him is that he is not Trump? Weak argument. Truthful results matter.

How many police have to die to get Washington's attention? It's out of control, thanks to Democrat liberal policies re: criminals. It's got to stop.

Don't grumble about paying taxes. We have to because Trump doesn't.

Other than whine about Biden, what do Chuckie, Marsha, Hagerty, crazy Marjorie do for a living? Do they ever work for their constituents?

Psaki, soft on crime means no bail, no time, repeat offenders, more crime, more deaths. What don't you get? Funding is not the problem.

Is Biden going to be so bad that the country backlashes and votes for Trump again? Hope it's a new, qualified slate of candidates.

Greeters to China in hazmat suits with "Welcome" written on them in marker. Wow. Feels so not warm and fuzzy.

Have you ever listened closely to the side effects in a TV drug commercial? And you're afraid of the vaccine?

Perhaps Trump's infamous phone call with Ukraine's president was to discuss Trump's suggestion to build a wall to keep Russia out.

So L.A. mayor holds his breath, takes off mask and has photo taken. So it's legit, he says. Yeah. And I've got swamp for sale.

It's not the mask or vaccine mandates that have disrupted your life. The COVID pandemic did that.

Unruly passengers on airplanes should be put on the national No Fly List for life.

Taxpayers should no more build a new stadium for the Lookouts than we should build a new supercenter for Walmart. Hard-earned tax dollars should go to infrastructure, services.

Help. We are covered up in litter. Can't the incarcerated help earn their keep, Gov. Lee?

It appears too many of us have far more opinions than actual information on critical issues.

Those companies that deserve a union usually have one.

Those who are fighting the proposed stadium with retail development on the Southside are the same dinosaurs who said the Aquarium was a bad idea.

How is it bad that Coty Wamp worked to correct a false arrest? You made it a thing, Neal. Is that all you got?

I am delighted that Red Bank is planning bike lanes, crosswalks, etc., paid for with state funds. Socialism is just awful, isn't it?

Gosh, I didn't know how much I missed candidate campaign signs. Is it too early to wish election season was over?

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